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  2. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    that's because joey never plaays
  3. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    you have never seen batman either but that doesnt mean he doesnt exist
  4. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    Thank you for your answer ! By the way i never saw you on the server o.O
  5. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    hey remi! thanks for your suggestion but there are people who only play ffa and people who only play snd they dont like to play something else, even though its true that there arent many people playing black ops 1 it has been like this since forever same people rarely any new people since both servers are doing well i think its not a good idea
  6. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    Hi ! My name is Rémi and i lately played a lot on your FFA & S&D Snipers servers under the name IRTHM then Contemplation I am still quite a noob, even if i start to improve by a tiny bit i am nowhere near to be a decent player, that's why I usualy play on the FFA server so i am not an handicap for my team... But as we all know, no one plays BO1 anymore so most of the time i do not really choose on wich server i play, just on the one there is people in... So here is my idea : merging the two servers so that everyone can play the gamemode he likes... because there is anyway not enough people into BO1 Sniping to fill two servers. Thanks for reading and sorry for the poor grammar, I'm french and not very good in english -Contemplation-
  7. Heyy!

    cool, we should play a game sometimes
  8. Heyy!

    Mainly the FFA L96A1 server!
  9. Heyy!

    hey ! havent seen you around at all where do you play?
  10. %user% Ban

    this is a tempban...
  11. Heyy!

    Hi, my name is Callum. Also known as BUWUWU online. A little bit about me: I enjoy playing games with friends, and love meeting and talking to people online. I love the fact of talking to others and playing with others in different areas of the world. If you like to talk or ever want to play, add me; Steamcommunity.com/id/racists
  12. Be A Captain

    Name: Callum STEAM NAME: BUWUWU STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/racists/ PREVIOUS CLANS: None AGE: 18 APPLYING FOR: FFA Server Captain
  13. %user% Ban

    (ban message is the same as the tempban message wait 31mins and rejoin the server before making a topic) Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is not a tempban?: yes What server were you banned from? : ffa Why were you banned? : i thing last nice When were you banned? : 14.04.2018 Provide your steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198301310008/ Anything else: I hope I will be unbanned
  14. Abstract Ban

    About point one there's way more chat behind that kick to chad. He started abusing his rights against some friends of mine, which I just decided to let it be. Sniperlove didn't let itt be so he kicked chd, whot afterwards kicked him as the reason of "try it again". That sencense got my nerves that much, because a guy without even more of 500 hours was acting like he was the god of the game and superior to everyone else, then I decided to be part of it. Following the point two, as I said on my post: "So, the fact is I took a five months break from the game, and when I came I saw like half of WeS old members wearing Hzrd tag, that literally broke me down. I Shouldn't have done that? Maybe, but there's way to many people and noone of them is going to react at same form, sadly I reacted in a wrong way, guess my bad." About the part of abusing my rights, I don't I abused them. Some like "Nice to meet you" and something else, was probably because they got warned by others admins of the server, or someone warned them on chat few times. There's many kicks for #hs without warn right that, but actually these kicks were to people which had been playing in the server for years, with more than 2000 hours at the game. They even know better the rules than the admins, so it was more like a punishment than for ragekicks if you meant that. Think I've said enough in this two posts about why did I react like that. So it's your guys choice to keep me banned for what I've done wrong or give me a second chance for what I've done right in your guys favor.
  15. Abstract Ban

    Hello, sorry for the late response but i wanted to get this right and take my time to show you why what you are saying is absolute bullshit yes you were rewarded for helping keep the server active at the start by giving you "trusted vip", later on you abused that privilege and started kicking hazard members i would like to put my screenshots into two categories first to why you lost your trusted VIP and the second why you got banned 1- you lost your vip for tempbanning hzrd | chad for the reason "I try" Bragging in the server? seriously? how stupid do you have to be?! 2- Being banned: you have been bad mouthing hazard while playing on hazard servers?! what were you expecting? a certificate? and tempbaning people without warns and kicks! when you had your vip tempbaning people without warns and kicks!
  16. Be A Captain

    Name: Felix STEAM NAME: Elmo STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sesame_Elmo/ PREVIOUS CLANS: N/A AGE: 20 APPLYING FOR: VIP Captain
  17. Abstract Ban

    What server were you banned from? : Snd ones. Why were you banned? : Bad language When were you banned? : Few days ago Provide your steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/anotherstupidguyhere/ Anything else: So I've got banned for saying: "Hzrd has recluted another noob" after I got tomarunned twice by that guy. I'm very disappointed with that ban to be honest since back at time I've been supporting Hzrd till the very end. Probably that phrase isn't the only negative ones I've said against Hzrd, but behind it but from my eyes has any kind of understanding. I've been supporting the clan since some years ago, fighting against hackers and clans like WeS (I've never been grateful for it, which I even care beacuse I made it for my own). So, the fact is I took a five months break from the game, and when I came I saw like half of WeS old members wearing Hzrd tag, that literally broke me down. Also my Trusted VIP status was taken down when I'd a fight with one of the NEW members, which afterwards had been proved I didn't lie at difference of the member. This trouble made a discussion which was taken by the community leaders as well, which after reading the console chats were agreed with I've done, even after it, I hadn't my rights back. So, my way to react to the new recluiments was "flaming" to Hzrd NEW members which came from WeS. I Shouldn't have done that? Maybe, but there's way to many people and noone of them is going to react at same form, sadly I reacted in a wrong way, guess my bad. By other hand, I'm way to disappointed because I've been directly banned without even having a warn from any of the Leaders, which back at time were close friends to me, and haven't deserved that after I've done right for the clan.
  18. Greg's behaviour

    Thank you for answering and claridied the situation.
  19. Greg's behaviour

    1:24 you were closer to the house more than you were to middle of the map 1:43 you called him stupid so you started insulting first 2:59 was not a hardscope 2:09 greg says "nice hs" i think saying cried is a little too far, he just said it the one time. i wouldn't warn for camp unless someone always stays in that same spot (multiple rounds) which you didnt (only one time), looks like an honest mistake after all it was just a warn you didnt get kicked or temp banned for this i say to greg be careful next time and make sure they actually camped and to you thank you for reporting it in the forum i like to be transparent and keep this community active
  20. Greg's behaviour

    Here is the full game. So as greg said, he thinks that I was spawn late ... where is that ? He warned me for camp at 1:24 ... do you think guys that I was camping ? He cried about hardscope at 3:08, do you think guys it was a hardscope ? So to sum up, I played following all the rules, I get warned for something I didn't do and then I get insulted by the same person ... This is why I think greg need to change his behaviour ASAP ... Falcon7x
  21. Greg's behaviour

    you made me stupid I did the same thing too. both were not good. so sorry from my side
  22. Greg's behaviour

    Do an admin have to insult somebody even if this person is not following rules ?
  23. Greg's behaviour

    I warned you 1 time. for what you did everything 1. only late spwan 2 camp 3 hardscoping For that you have got a warning makes me stupid from the side
  24. Greg's behaviour

    Hello guys ! As a player in Hazard Server for years there is some behaviours I can't accept while playing on this server. This day, I have been insulted from greg because he was crying of getting killed... Getting killed and getting mad, he warned me for every think, like camping while I killed him from the middle of the map ... no real reasons to warn .... As I noticed, the rule 11 is to respect all members and players ... So I think this is not a good behaviour from an admin of HZRD ... Thanks Falcon7x
  25. Banned

    unfortunately for you , invisible person hack does not show with replays so you cant be excused due to the nature of the hack we take testimony from our admins... one of our admins (not swift) says he saw you using an invisible hack 15/3/2018 which happens to be yesterday another unfortunate thing for you, we dont give second chances for hackers just guys who didnt follow the rule or equal problem gets second chances
  26. Banned

    1st Slot http://steamcommunity.com/id/coooooooooorleonee
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