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  2. Aimbot FFA

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  3. Aimbot FFA

    Hello, i saw an hacker in FFA server, i recorded some moments that prove he is hacking, if you need more proof for ban him, i can send others. Firstly, his profil steam his suspicious: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhbX9hedUQLRhA1VFjw1Yk-Gck3f And i think his only friend is his first acc with a lot of VAC ban : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhbX9hedUQLRhA7wfMCUICQcTVe2 Proof 1 : Proof 2 : Proof 3 :
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  5. Alastair / UooU

    this whole problem started because of the misuse of the rules shortcode if he has been warned with tomarun he would have stop arguing as !rules are just too ambiguous and should only be written to those who break several rules not just one please be advised to use the proper reason in the future!
  6. Alastair / UooU

    oky 1 more time than i am done with this becuse i dont wanne keep argueing about it and it waste my time i got bether things to do 1 oky lets say you dint broke rules becuse thats what your saying it was a warn still i bleave you broke the rules but oky 2 it dont have anything to do with the fact that i tempban you becuse of argueing that you still do over a forum ! thats the hole reason you got tempbanned becuse slash already said in the vid relax and more guys did but you keep it going man if you just stop with it i dint have to tempban you and evrything was oky so whats the big deal now the tempban was right atleast i think that way so your mad about a warn and thats why you make this big of a mess just about a warn that havnt anything to do with me so lets call it a day becuse i am getting tired of this wierd forum report if i call it right . becuse i end it here keep it cool mate and i see you around !
  7. Alastair / UooU

    I see alastair have made this mess by warning for !rules instead of writing the actual reason, which started this whole mess
  8. Alastair / UooU

    I never broke the rules tho alastair got salty because i tomahawked him 2 games in a row that the definition of admin abuse wouldn't you agree?
  9. Alastair / UooU

  10. Alastair / UooU

    1 more thing i just wanted to say next time try to get all of the full clips becuse in this 1 becuse i talk 1 time with caps in my hole black ops career i feel i kinda comes over like a asshole that dont feels right if you know what i mean .
  11. Alastair / UooU

    hallo Fleb Intresting first of alastair warn you for the rules thats true after that you keep argue about it over and over again so alot of players did say pls stop with argueing but you didnt so to keep the game for all the other players fun i decided to tempban you becuse you didnt lissen to anything that other players / the admins had to say and i tempban you with the reason come back when your chill / cool of for 30 mins so you woud stop argueing and play the game instead i think that is a reason enough to tempban you if i didnt tempban you a other admin woud do it becuse we have to keep the server fun for all the players in it i hope i can see you again in the server till next time !
  12. Alastair / UooU

    hold on while speedy, tell us his story
  13. Alastair / UooU

    Video Quality will be 1920x1080 once youtube is finished rendering. Excuse the sound i use nvidia to record as i couldnt figure out how to pull the video from my cod folder
  14. Alastair / UooU

    Hi there! so i was minding my buisness playing the S&D server when Alastair joins the game new round starts and i come face to face with him and i tomahawk him.. he proceeds to warn me and tells me to read the rules which i did twice and i couldn't for the life of me figure out why he did it.. 2 games later he tells me im "Tomarunning" which i've been explained is when you only use your tomahawk (more so than sniper) i kept asking him why it wasn't in the rules and he started verbally abusing me.. A game or 2 later while "Arguing" with him UooU warns me for accusing of hacking etc Which completely blew me out of the water.. (Someone decided to temp ban me with the reason being (come back when you're chill) I joined back and told them that i was gonna talk to the owner of the server and alastair told me that they were all trusted members and that the owner wouldn't believe me hench why im here to try and get some of this sorted i do have the games recorded but its over the course of 5-7 games and frankly i couldn't be arsed to upload them all RN if need be i will take out some time tonight to record them all and edit it all down for time sake.
  15. Be A Captain

    not sure if this is still a thing but... Name : Rémi STEAM NAME : Contemplation STEAM PROFILE : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122374585/ PREVIOUS CLAN : none AGE : 18 APPLYING FOR : Media Captain
  16. Falcon CA

    Thanks for answering
  17. Falcon CA

    It doesnt matter if you were shooting someone or he shoots you. Rules are rules you have to go atleast middle of the map and leave the base. I think you guess shooting someone from base for like 10+ sec doesnt count as camp but you are wrong at that point. Joey said enough i dont want to keep this argument active. It is camp and anyone who does it will be warned and kicked afterwards.
  18. Falcon CA

    first two round of falcon7x was camp , you cant wait in that manner doesnt matter if other people do it (Yes, it means they camped too!) this is clear and there is no question about it i rather leave camp for kick and tempban rather than permanent unless that specific player keeps repeating the offense we will keep an eye on it!
  19. Be A Captain

    Name: Luke STEAM NAME: Seior STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Luke_DJC/ PREVIOUS CLANS: cR AGE: 16 APPLYING FOR: SnD Server Captain
  20. Falcon CA

    Hello, i took the time to read your conversation and i would like give my opinion on that. Firstly i always thinking there should a rule for distinguish camp and Late spawn or set too much time to go to the fight. There is a really difference between both. Camp is like stay in base without see anyone and waiting others players but latespawn can be just a afk or set too much time to fight with someone front of him. I think it can solve some problems. Well, Let's get into the thick of it. Firstly, on the first video, we can't call that "camp" he was shooting on someone front of him, and after finishing his duel, he went straight away. And if he is shooting on someone front of him at the same spot, the ennemy is camping as well then? After that, nero warn him. And here i don't understand, but if we watch the second round, nero do exactly the same thing,It is the same place,just the opposite place. Then nero warned him for camp because falcon stayed in base too much time the first and round, and nero stay too much time like falcon in the next round, this is not legit. And after killing nero, falcon leave directly the base. Then, again it's not "camp". I think just you complicate things for nothing, it's not like he stay in the base for 15 seconds without see anyone, he just take his duel against an ennemy, and go ahead directly. You should just be more careful or make a rule as i explained upstairs. And for finish, i don't understand why make a topic only on falcon when a lot of anothers players play like that and disput their warns.
  21. cR Clan War Request

    elmo this is so old , it already ended xD
  22. Falcon CA

    Look i respect to your opinion but you are wrong and the clip of 2 rounds already shows that you are standing next to your base. It doesnt matter if you shooting or its a 3v3. This server has some rules and you have to obey them. No need to argue with people when you weren't right, just say sorry and let it go. You kept complaining me that my warn is for nothing. But as you can see Nero warned you in first round cause you stayed in your base. I warned you second round cause you were still doing the same thing. This server has rules as i said.
  23. Falcon CA

    Hello guys Here is the full recorded game. It's, I think, better. As you can see, I am not waiting for ennemy. I am always shooting at someone. For the second round (after being warned), I killed Dr.Nero - he warned me for the 1st round - but he is doing the same thing as me for our 2nd round. (I remember, it was a 3v3 so it's easy to run for less than 20s without seeing ennemy and to be on the opposite spawn). 1st round I stayed 8 sec after marking 1 guy and shooting 6 times. 2nd round I stayed 5 sec and shooting 4 times. To my mind, the word "camp" is getting used for nothing on HZRD server. That's why I proposed to Lilla of creating a post to discuss about it. To be more understandable, you have here all the conversation between Lilla and I. I asked him before sharing. See you
  24. Falcon CA

    Hey guys! Today we argued with Falcon, cause he thinks i warned him unfairly. He wanted to start this community thread so we can decide if he camps or not. Tried to talk to him patiently but he kept telling me that my warn was for nothing and unfair. Here is the proof of his camp (You guys decide):
  25. cR Clan War Request

    i'd be down for this.
  26. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    that's because joey never plaays
  27. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    you have never seen batman either but that doesnt mean he doesnt exist
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