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  2. Today the 16.11.18 i told Swmt Redcore to move in Black Ops on the Hzrd Server. Kimi(Vegan) told him then that he should ignore me. Due to that i told Kimi(Vegan) to be silent. As response Kimi kicked me insteandly with the reason ''be more respektful please''. After talking to zilly i kicked Kimi for ''no reason'' which was approved by Zilly. As response to my kick Swmt Redcore insteantly kicked me for ''Admin abuse''. After rejoining i told Redcore the next insteand kick would be punished with a kick for him. A short time after that Vegan joined with his main account and tempbanned me without any warns or kicks. He justified his tempban with '' Ask Zilly for further information thanks''. Zilly told me to ask Joy or Legit for the chatlogs. All ''unreasonable'' insteand kicks on me got screenshoted and i got a witness who can approve the whole story.
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  5. Be A Captain

    Name: Luca STEAM NAME: Corruption STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExoCorruption/ PREVIOUS CLANS: ArT AGE: 20 APPLYING FOR: FFA Server Captain
  6. Be A Captain

    Name: Kuba Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/-Agent47-/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/OhShitSorry Previous clan: Hzrd (current) Age: 19 Applying for: SnD Captain
  7. SomeThingElse?/ DePoMIAR/ Amphetamine

    after verifying through console , i have decided to ban him.
  8. Hi I fully support Elmo in his decision! This player under the name "SomeThingElse" constantly insulting him playing with the guys and breaks the rules of the server. Warnings and kicks does not respond or returns to the server and begins to insult and then quickly runs away from the server ))) Thx
  9. Yo, please keep on eye on this guy if you see him, he continues to hardscope and camp almost everday despite playing for many hours(2973 kills in server). Today he was doing both and i explained if it contined happening so often i would begin tempbaning him. He acts like a kid and denies every warn he gets. It is also obvious he cant follow the rules as he has 76 kicks, 189 warns and 19 tempbans. After getting acused of breaking a rule he usually gets pretty angry which is why i tempbanned him today for admin abuse, have tried adding him on steam and talking to him about rule breaking and having some repect for admins but he acts like a kid on steam chat to. Bronx can verify why i tb in server today if need be. Not wanting anything to come of this, just letting hzrd peeps know not to take any shit from him, espcially as he is so rude to amdins. Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038886604/ Elmo x
  10. joey ban

    unban approved
  11. joey ban

    under review
  12. joey ban

    (il messaggio ban è uguale al messaggio tempban attende 31 minuti e si ricongiunge al server prima di creare un argomento ) Tempbans sono 30 minuti, sei sicuro che questo NON sia un tempban ?: yes Da quale server sei stato bannato? : S&D and FFA Perché sei stato bannato? : when i was WeS leader i didn't realize how wrong was stealing Hzrd members, now i'm really sorry for that (WeS are closed now) Quando sei stato bannato? : April 2018 Fornisci il tuo link al profilo del vapore: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198193590509 Qualunque altra cosa: i'm really sorry for what happened, i behaved badly, i've learned from my mistakes and i would just be able to play again and maybe even join Hzrd if possible, i could also edit videos again like i used to. thank you
  13. xulirex120 Ban

    There said something like "you got excluded from this server" so obviousley i thought i got banned. I got tembaned in he past and this was not the tb message. Anyway i can join now , thanks
  14. xulirex120 Ban

    Automatic "bans" by being auto-kicked a few times in a tempban, not a ban.
  15. xulirex120 Ban

    (ban message is the same as the tempban message wait 31mins and rejoin the server before making a topic) Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is NOT a tempban?: 101% What server were you banned from? : ffa Why were you banned? : I missclicked smoke a few times so the console banned me When were you banned? : between 13/10/18 and 15/10/18 ----> d/m/y Provide your steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xulirex/ Anything else: I've already changed the smoke button
  16. Introducing myself

    see you in the server
  17. Introducing myself

    Okey good to know see you in the server
  18. Introducing myself

    hey luca! welcome to the forum! most of us play three games bo (first love) , csgo (great competitive) and pubg (new mistress).
  19. Introducing myself

    Hi my name is Luca aka Corruption on steam. I am 20 years old and I live in Switzerland (the german speaking part of it). I played Black ops 1 almost since the beginning, i know I was really young. I still love this game even if I really don't care about the new CoDs. At the moment I mainly play Black Ops 1 and CS:GO (LE) Yeah I think that's about it have a nice day!
  20. Zillian Abuse admin

    okay habs understood.nexte times look only before I warn. Is the okey for you?
  21. Zillian Abuse admin

    It does no matter if you warned me or kicked, both are an abuse of rights. From your POV that's exactely the same, it's litteraly not camp. On the first round that's a normal rotation. And in the second round in wish you warned me, that's exactely the same thing, you rushed too fast. If I had not looked at my map, and therefore I would not have seen you, I would have continued and it would seem normal to you, no? I just saw you on the map, and I just had to turn around to kill you, it's you went too fast. You can't warn about camp because you rush too fast.
  22. Zillian Abuse admin

    I warned you not kicked. I fiddle with laughter that's what it looked like to me https://youtu.be/zZwiW3P6pDc
  23. Zillian Abuse admin

    Hello. I make clear this bunch of letter is me, I changed my name. There is the video about the admin abuse of zillian. According to your rules i didn't break a rule. I saw there was someone was coming, i just did few steps to kill him, i do not see how we can call it "camp" I tried to speak with him for discuss about the abuse, but no anwser or just some "Hahahaha" I recorded all the game this time. Good Bye o/
  24. Be A Captain

    Name : Ivan Steam Name : redactor PREVIOUS CLAN : SoF, FayZne, WeS. AGE : 16 APPLYING FOR : SnD Server Captain
  25. 05 Smurf 05 haker suspected

    i will try Joey, cant promise anything I m not sure to be abble
  26. Hello

    hey phan welcome to hazard forums! hope you are enjoying our servers!
  27. 05 Smurf 05 haker suspected

    can you upload the video here? in youtube or google drive
  28. 05 Smurf 05 haker suspected

    Have seen him in server, definitely hacking.
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