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  2. cunt nigger dyke chink spic porch monkey glue
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  4. and one of the most serious things is that a person, to go against me, called me motherfucker and on you didin't do anything (you had to do the warn command like you did to me many times to take the piss), with this I salute you.
  5. dude, i'm sorry to answer again to your reply, but i killed you outside the garage, i was not in the garage. 100%. but if you have your ideas take it and don't bother me anymore. cya dude
  6. Light

    Report VIP

    Hello Destrojer, First of all u did not run towards the center of the map wich in this case u say the truck but you killed me in the garage Second im more then aware of the rules on the HZRD server and i will not warn/kick people if they did not break a rule. I agree i called you an idiot but like a few players said its quit dumb to report a warn. Everyone has to follow rules even me. Neither did i warn you for being a newbie, i said things in chat I agree, later on i warned my self after u told me u didnt agree with the things i said. Enjoy ur time on the server and follow the rules.
  7. consider this proposal to b ecome a vip closed. the server has to change to accept new people in general. bad vip and useless admin. cya. and the big thing, 150 hours to become a vip xD, cyaa
  8. DeStRoJeRr

    Report VIP

    Anything else: I had just entered the server, i started to go into the center of the map (nuketown). I go out of the parking lot and on the right i find the VIP nova waiting for me. To respect the server rules i head a little further in the center of the map (near the truck) and i kill Nova. He gave me a warn(saying that i was a newbie) and i smuggled his warn. After that i go back to the server and he fills me with insults (idiot, dumb...) and he continued to say me idiot again in the steam chat. i hope you can take some action on his role as a VIP counting that he could do it even with new people who might feel offended by his words. Thanks for your time. Btw i know all the rules. There were a 2 or 3 people talking another language on the server and he did nothing to them...
  9. HAHAHA hey Bh.......dont lie just admit it u want in coz of me , coz u love me HAHAHAHA (joke) !!!
  10. Tnx.....and same here...!
  11. Anything else: Hello, been VIP for some time now (~40 days when writing it) and never abused it, I would like to join hzrd, it would also help me keep the server clean of some people shooting with machine guns and keep rejoining when being kicked by console/
  12. hey slither, nice to meet you
  13. Hey Destrojerr and welcome to our forum....stay safe and play best....see ya in the game...
  14. and i love World of Warcraft
  15. Hi everyone, I'm Destrojer. Maybe someone will already know me since i started playing BO1 since 2011 and from 2015 i have frequented many italian sniper clans. I have also very actively attended many sniper servers such as HAZARD (since 2016) and Rebels. I'm not the best with snipers but i'm very friendly and i love italian rap music. Obviously i not only play BO1 but also professionally CSGO (best rank: LEM) where i was caught with very experienced clans and also on League of Legends (best rank: Platinum). For the rest, if i do one thing i hope and i try to do it to the fullest of my potential. Thank you for opening this forum. Ps: as you understand, i'm italian, but i also speak english in a decent way. (I hate pizza with pineapples :D)
  16. i had another account on this site but i forgot the credential so i create this new one :D.
  17. Goodmorning everyone. I have been a BO1 players for about 10 years now and have gained a lot of experience playing for many tears in many sniper servers (Hazard, rebels...). In recent years, also observing the commands of the vip / admin i have gained a lot of experience as regards also the moderation in the Hazard server. I know all the rules and behaviors to follow on this server and i follow them strictly. For a couple of years i left BO1 and therefore also the hazard server, but right now i'm active more than ever, especially in the morning and afternoon hours. One of the many reasons why i would like to become a VIP on this server is the lack of moderation especially in the morning hours where people freely break the rules imposed by the server. For the rest i hope you catch me and i would be very happy to be able to follow the right behavior to new people but also to experienced ones. Thanks for the opportunity :). PS: if u want to see my steam profile i've have some photo while playing in some sniping servers
  18. Anything else:
  19. Cenaly

    VIP Request

    Vip? I im a nice Guy:)
  20. Hey bro hope u get accept in.. so we can play as team hehe.....
  21. Hey, i’m Splashh I would like to join this clan because many friends are in and i don’t like to play solo.
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