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  1. Yesterday
  2. and also with carmen omg im sorry
  3. Sorry I messed up with hannibal
  4. Anything else:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198813668971
  5. Last week
  6. Earlier
  7. i tried to see my play time on the server (snd) but is always the same hour same min same second, i tried after 6 matches, is this normal? it need time to update? or my playtime is broken somehow?
  8. I think my playtime is frozen, i played more than 6 matches and is still same min and second and ofc hour, it doesn't work i think
  9. Ok, i played alot on swmt tho
  10. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    You have 100 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  11. You need at least 150 hours on our server to obtain VIP. You currently have 120 hours.
  12. You have 15 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  13. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    I'm sorry, but one of your VIP requirements is that you need at least 150 hours on our servers. You currently have ~140. You can apply again when you played a little more on our server(s).
  14. Sacha

    VIP Request

    Anything else: i play always on the hsrd serv s&d and ffa ;D
  15. Anything else: as I wrote on the other topic, yea but is very old idk how to recover it, this is my main since 2016, my steam name is matteh2k16 and I can post proof of Big library so u know is my main account
  16. I have lot of games to proove this is my main account
  17. Anything else: it's really old I lost it idk where ti find, but this is my main since 2016, my steam name is indeed matteh2k16 xD Thanks for opportunity!
  18. I have 10 years of sniping experience including 2 yrs of sniping on console, i play only mw2, mw3 and bo1, i'm active daily on the servers mostly at evening GMT+1, i'm more used to modernwarfares sniping but i can be decent enough on bo1 too when I focus i can land some nice skillshots, but sometimes i'm stoned and mindflying and i'm negative asf xD Nice forum, nice team, I will apply for VIP, hope it will be welcome:)
  19. ummh little thing my acc got reset so my stats are fucked
  20. fusion

    VIP Request

    Anything else:
  21. Anything else: i have not lags anymore
  22. Anything else: second account not for call of duty black ops 1
  23. sorry we dont dispute vacs
  24. bhwolf

    Ban Dispute

    It's my brother's account, can provide a photo of our PCs xd
  25. https://steamcommunity.com/id/aimware_user0250/
  26. Anything else: he came on the server and warned me to camp, but I didn't camp I made a video where you can’t see that I didn’t camp https://youtu.be/47J8GGtYgG0
  27. Anything else: Before you guys instantly say "we dont give trusted vip anymore" hear me out quickly. While playing the last days i noticed that alot of rulebreakers played (mainly wrong gun, equipments etc). Eventho they were kicked by me or other vips we had no way to tempban them. And there were no Hzrd admins on. I would like to request trusted vip to be able to tempban. Have a nice Christmas and a nice new year whoever may read this (i guess joey? :)) PS: Feel free to add me again if you want to discuss stuff, i am open to talk. Ah and quick feedback. New console works good but admins are not shown as online, and cant be listed by !admin. Cheers Anti
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