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  3. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    I do not want revenge what happened or was I do not care I look in the future and not back everyone has to work on it no man is pervekt if you notice it yourself this is good for you. I say it but I do not warn and sometimes you just misinterpret what I'm writing in the chat I'm not a human always crying or flaming I'm a jolly gerln people know me too. I go out of things you see yourself I'm often in the audience module just to look like people with situaton to go most of it is just wrong or too fast .. it's true that I asked yesterday why they kick it well there are many others people are talking in other languages, too, so I want to say people new to the server are not always doing exactly what the bot says the person from yesterday wrote only once in a wrong language that you can kick but you do not have to kick ..you say i do not know the rule i play for over 1000 hours on hzrd i have been co owner in other clans or admin i know allso very well the rule on hzrd is not the first clan where i am in gejoint that makes me happy when i learn from your mistakes i said yes everybody has to work on them. they stick to all rules is very good .. i'm not saying that i'm bad i just said that i did not want to paint or bad there i do not know her i hope i also expect the same from him. at the moment can not say much about her in some situatsonen could otherwise deal with it ..
  4. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    It looks like more a personal revenge, but i'll take care to answer only one of your messages, i won't anwser you to others messages if they don't realte to my original topic reason. " "he breaks more the rule in things rb spray." It often happens that i miss it, unfortunately sometimes it kills the adversary. When it happens, i always take the initiative of warn myself. If you're intersted, you can notice it happens often among tb users, you just feel that it happens more often for me because i play a lot, my kills are a proof. But it's true, intersting note. I never talked to you about it, but i often see you complaining about poeple who rb ns, but trust me, at least 90 percents don't do it on purpose. It's not something that you can succeed everytime. "he warn or kickt too fast for me it is very often about things that are made by new players." It's wrong, i always warn before kick. Moreover, i already remind some vips or trusted to warn before kick. But, i think you're referring to yersterday's incident. About the language, you were wrong. There are bot messages that appear sometimes, saying: Use another language than dutch/english: Instant kick. Starting from this rule, i was right of the instant kick, and you din't even know the rule. Thank god, i was able to dicuss it with Elmo, and he apologized to me. "I think he does not have enough experience how to best with vip to go see his warn / kicks." It makes me happy you want to talk about this subject by showing a little maturity. Long time ago, i received only insults. I also talked to elmo for that, he gave my chance. My main argument that you should understand is: it may take me a while to get better, and it shows on my warns and kick, but you should judge me on how i currently play now. Now i respect all the rules. Mistakes happened like the rb ns, but it happens to everyone. I'm also active. (40k kills isn't nothing)
  5. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    hello I've just watched the video. And I have to say that it does not campt for me is well, everything is very fast. I was not something like that was it is a normal spot is played for a very long time. I want to quickly say something to moap he does not listen to the admin he provokes players on the server. his behavior is a bit kiddys and I want to say something to glassy he breaks more the rule in things rb spray. he warn or kickt too fast for me it is very often about things that are made by new players. I think he does not have enough experience how to best with vip to go see his warn / kicks. sorry for my bad englisch.
  6. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    Just to add, a lot of players and members would agree with what I have said about Moap.
  7. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    As Glassy mentions, I have already been through this with him in steam chat. Moap is a consistant camper, despite being warned almost every time he plays on hzrd. Moap is in Kaml clan, even on their server they have jokes and rules implemented around Moap camping. They seem to tolierate it on their server, which is fine, none of my business. However, as Moap and his "friends" seem to just joke around with Moaps camping, Moap seems to be under the impression that camping is fine and that he can get away with it, this is not the case and i've spent enough time warning and kicking him for it. R.E. Moap and glassy argument. Moap is clearly acting like a child when warned (appropriatly), Glassy was not wrong to warn him for camp, just last night (thursday 13th GMT) i could see Moap camping in the exact spot glassy is talking about. It is fine to rush there and use that spot, but not to hang around it, waiting for other players to come to them. My only issue with Glassy is quoted from the post above: "After that, because of the annoyance of having been kick 2 times without valid reasons, i kicked him 3 times consecutively, so that he can't not kick me back:" Glassy should not have done this, despite not having much choice. I have spoken to Glassy about this already and have made sure the same situation wont happen again, if someone is acting like a kid and kicking you for no reason, do not stoop to their level and kick them too. Come here and post it. Like i said, i have spoken to glasssy and he has been warned about this, his last warn. Moap camps the majority of rounds, acts like a kid, and does not react well to being warned, even when justified, or by a hzrd member. I've wasted enough time trying to get him to play by the rules and act mature but he takes no notice. I back the decision to Ban Moap for 1 month. We do not have the playerbase to ban for life, and I like to think that Moap can be more mature and play sensible, at times i get on with moap and can enjoy him in server. However he does not listen to admins or care about being kicked. He needs a longer ban, where he can come back after, and if still acting like a nob can be perm'd. None of what i have said above is a final decision obviously and will be looked at by most likely Joey. -Elmo out *Drops mic*
  8. Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    Player Concerned: Kamel Moap Time: (Utc+1) 1;24 pm, 1;29 pm This Friday 14/12 i got a problem with Moap. I don't have the videos of two maps,i could record it but most messages are not displayed, and i'll have 1 hour of upload time. So i hope the logs will suffice. Then, i warned him for a spot which he uses often, i tolerated for a long time that spot,but now too many players use it. As you can see on the video below, this spot is just waiting, while being stopped. It's a bit like nuketown, when some people are waiting in the house, or on the extremities of the base waiting for other players to come to them, it's always been considered as camp. In addition, on the video we can see that i went ahead because there was no one in front of me, but sometimes there is fighting and moap stay on his position, to shot us in the distance, without move, more than 5 seconds. A lot of players agree this is camp, even elmo who advised me to do a post, after having explained everything to him. So, i warned him for camp,while explaining this is not the first time he uses this spot, and that too many players use it now. He told me: 'Warn again and i'll tb you', I answered: I'll warn again if you still use this spot. After this, he kicked me for bad language. Then, i told him: You already have been warned on the website, 'Elmo told he didn't want you as vip, so now calm your ass if you don't want to lose your vip' He told me: We'll see, and kicked me again for bad language. After that, because of the annoyance of having been kick 2 times without valid reasons, i kicked him 3 times consecutively, so that he can't not kick me back: With reasons: 1) Get the fuck out. 2) I told you. 3) You don't get it.? After that, i left to avoid having an inifnishable kick fight. To summarize, i don't think this story will be in my entire favor, i may be warned or lose my vip, but at least moap will no longer be able to abuse his rights, i think it's legit. If you really need both games to make your decision, despite the fact it doesnt not help me, i can send them to you. But apart from the moment that i consider as camp and the discussions that you can see in logs, nothing has happened. Here is the video considered as camp: See you
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  10. Descandant admin abuse x2

    sorry for the delay am looking into it!
  11. Descandant admin abuse x2

    Before my explanations: SteamLink descendant: https://steamcommunity.com/id/notbranymore/ For logs: Started to 20h18 until 20h23 (UTC +1) Well, so i got kicked for spray. The rule says: Only " Only spray QS is allowed" And i was qs, and if we add the fact that he didn't warn me before kick, it's a admin abuse, cause mad. I came back to kick him, stating that i respected well the rule. Then he told me: "You're so retarded" Second map, i made him understand that next admin abuse, i'll make him lost his vip by reporting him on the website. After that, he kicked me for #ass and left. Some messages don't display with replays, logs will be needed, i think There is videos: Second(2nd map): Good evening
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  13. Just to add to this- I did not give, nor approve Moap’s VIP. I would have argued against giving it to him as this kind of behaviour is frequent from him.
  14. I do edits

    its a fresh take on edits, cool approach keep it up
  15. I do edits

    So I playd some cod and thougt it was some good clips i got over and i made an edit from it Drop a like
  16. thanks , he has been warned let me know if it happens again
  17. Unknow soldier: Aim assist/aimbot

    thanks banned
  18. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Today this happened by an XY member https://steamcommunity.com/id/DocStephenStrange/ therefore this proves where your loyalty is this topic is closed
  19. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Hello, i am following this post since the beginning and there are a few words i would like to say. First of all i would like people who didn't take part in the accident just to be quiet. If they have any other problems with gregpipe they can make a new Post. Another thing is that several people on this post (friends of vegan) are grouping up against gregpipe. I was there when all this happend i can tell that what he did was all right. Joeyunlimit says aswell that they have the logs who prove that gregpipe is not the one guilty. There were some people who mentioned something to the topic like Glassy who says that Satan is a random guy. Logs and people can prove that it was Vegan's smurf. As for Seior's text why should any admin be calm when someone says just ignor him. It was his right as Admin to tell them what they did wrong (he was so kind and tell them and didnt insteand warned them) . He shouldnt get andy harsch anwsers back from some mere vips. The whole situation went out of hand while every friend of Vegans thinks to tell something bad about greg. So i do the opposite. He is a friendly person who does not goes comform with everyone but trys to be an activ admin on the server to help with questions or warn/kick/ban right abusers. He is not against any group (maybe they are against him and argue him on purpose) or any other person on the server. I never had any problems with him and only saw him as good activ admin on the server. If there are any questions to the incident feel free to contact me privat. I am sorry for any gramatical mistake. I wish everyone a good weekend Sir*Demo
  20. today the 30th November Kaml Moap tryed to switch the map on the Hzrd server to a DLC map while around 17 people where on the server. I told him that its not allowed and switched it to summit. A map later he shot on purpose 2 enemys with an rpg from behind. all this was around 23:45 and 23:55. i would appreciate if not everyone who asks for vip gets it. this example shows that not everyone fits to get rights on the server. i wish everyone a good weekend Demo
  21. Unknow soldier: Aim assist/aimbot

    Hello, Today, the 30/11 a hacker appeared on hzrd sniping: Aim assit/aimbot He has a recent vac ban of 1 day, new account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hapy243245 Here is two games in which he uses his hack, he joined in the middle of the second game, alastair temp banned him on the end. Here is the videos of two games: https://youtu.be/fErYvpAxTgY
  22. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Hello, If i could put my two cents into the equation i would like to say that in my opinion, there is alot of 'hate' revolving around the clans in which people have chosen to be in and i believe greg to be one of these people. I remember him slandering xY after i replied calmly at what i believed to be an unjust warn, this behaviour has been noticed in the past by other members of xY. I personally think this rivarally nature is childish and is not type of behaviour an admin should be showing. I think that the protection given to greg as him being an admin is unjust and i think that admins such as greg should show a higher level of restraint in anger or frustration in respect of his position. After this incident many people have told me about prior 'run ins' they have had with him in the past and i think it is evident that this has been a problem for a long time. Since then i have gotten to speak to greg more ingame and have grown to like him but i still think that this situation in general was handled poorly.
  23. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    the group is there for informational purpose so in case you come as a vip say i didnt know this i didnt know that we say go there and look in your vip group, we are not gonna give you exams on the group neither written or oral. thats not an excuse you could have just came and asked , you may think greg is wrong but so far he is right until i have sometime this weekend to look over the logs and decide if there was anything wrong in what he did.. vegan is a vip , greg is an admin i understand i just dont agree
  24. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    ( As you saw Vegan didn't want more drama and stopped, i think it would be wise to give him a chance, without the trust vop or vip, so in case of a problem, he will not be able to do anything except to dicuss on the forum. I suggest of course, i don't say what you have to do :D) Thank you for understanding
  25. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    But this time i'll stick to it, despite the fact it annoys m. If you want to discuss, my private messages remain open. I wish you good luck for the future, and i hope i have made you understand some things. Good evening
  26. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    "go look in my profile you see many vips are in these groups , who ever gave you vip made a mistake." Read again my message, i never said there is nobody in the group or very little. I said there were a lot of people i know who are not in that group, or don't even know it. Looking quickly, there are already 7 vips that are not in that group. And from what i see, most are old players with atleast 10 inactives. it just shows that group is no longer used for a long time. And it also shows that you are absolutely unaware of what's going in your clan, and what your members are doing. "just because you think you are doing something correctly doesn't mean its correct" If only that was just what i thougt... Without doing it on purpose, you show us very well you don't know the same greg as us, which could even create an affirmation, i'll take one of your arguments as an exemple: "because if greg can recognize his error and apologize there is no reason for me to interfere unless glassy said i am not satisfied with this solution. " It's very simple, i didn't know you before, i thought you totally knew how greg behaved in this game, so i thought you just didn't care about what greg was doing. You let him make what he wants to do. So for me, it was useless to answer. And it's funny besides, banish vegan for an adminabuse and let greg just apologize to another adminabuse, Just excuses are enough? In fact, it just shows your complete trust in greg, even when the admin abuses is real. Like when you think he's mature in his response, you should have seen what he said in game, i would have liked to see your face at that moment. You see joey, it's frustrating to have this kind of answers when we take the time to write long messages to explain and argue. At your last answers, it's clear that you don't even bother to check what you're saying, You don't even try to understand each other's point of view, or you're not able to, i don't know. It's very funny, you argue as if you don't matter, as if you don't care because you almost don't play anymore in the server. Or i don't know if it comes from the fact that you have no more correct arguments, i don't know. Then, i didn't even have to answer your arguments, but hope makes me live.
  27. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    because if greg can recognize his error and apologize there is no reason for me to interfere unless glassy said i am not satisfied with this solution. glassy has NOT said anything just left i took that as an ok i dont know why there is a misunderstanding here clearly from previous replies you can read what i said thats why everyone should think when they are about to do something stupid , but saying am just gonna let people render the server inactive because everyone kicks each other thats madness.
  28. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    this is bias opinion and out topic go look in my profile you see many vips are in these groups , who ever gave you vip made a mistake. just because you think you are doing something correctly doesn't mean its correct
  29. abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Only Veganlol is banned from HZRD. Redcore is NOT, and CAN still play on both SND and FFA servers. (even gregpipe didn't knew this apparently). As Joey said the reason for the ban is because he kicked an hzrd member off their own server... Which I can completely understand and agree with. The same would go for all the other "big" clans if they would have owned a server. However considering the situation and the people involved, banning and painting Vegan as the problem is something I truly cannot comprehend. Yes we kicked Greg.. And yes he got tempbanned... But isn't the everyday attitude coming from him the reason what has lead to this? We all know black ops is a game we can easily get tilted over, right? Especially when it comes to someones behavior who acts the same way everytime you see him play. For most Greg is a big example. Complaining(or warning) repeatedly for things that people did NOT even do. And once people are tilted... kicking them with the reason #Respect. I am not saying that I, Vegan or anyone else is an Angel and never have done this before. But Greg is a player well know for these things. Another example; The way he tells his side of the story about what happend compaired to what actually happend.. And later on the way he responds to Glassy who just gave his personal opinion about the whole situation. Isn't that just toxic attitude and trying to twist words? Please tell me if I am wrong. "Then report the guy!!"... Thats what would sound like the most logic thing to do. I was thinking, let's not create anymore drama. Let's just play and I will record if stuff like this occurs again. So Honesty I wasn't even going to respond anymore until I saw this: joeyunlimit replied to Glassy Sky/Tanya's topic in Report a Player And you wrote: "under investigation" Posted 3 hours ago on 11/26/2018 6:50 PM... That was one of the post Glassy was talking it about. He created that post 09/27/2018. Why.. after Glassy mentioned it again, took you 2 months to look into it? Because from my experience with bans or the people that I know well, it would take you a day if not 2 to respond and have your decision ready. Adding up that I also read that Vegan reported him or admins before but never got a respondse. Not to critize but I am stating the facts. With all this I am not saying Greg is the worst person ever and should be banned. I am saying that in our perspective the players are getting judges unfairly compaired to the members. Especially considering our and their behavior. That is also the thing that bothers me most nowadays. But a few changes in our behaviour could make these black ops days allot more fun. Lastly for you Joey try to remember the next part when you thinking about banning someone. (Not only concerning this situation) You succeeded in making Hazard Sniping the core server for people to go too when playing black ops. The number of the game players has really been reduced. I think it rarely happends when people play on sniper servers other then Hazard. Like really rarely (1/2 times a month) If you ban someone, please keep in mind that you basicly ban him on the only sniper servers that are left. So basicly they wil not be able to play the game anymore. As for Gregpipe if you are reading this. You probebly expected me to be banned aswell. But please keep it a bit real. If a admin kicks a player with the reason "No reason".. ofcourse it looks like admin abuse. Wouldn't it be a bit more wisely to type something like "Aproved by zily" or "Ask zily for further notice" Anyways, that is all. Happy gaming!
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