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    VIP Request

    I'm usually about in one of the servers and in discord when not active in game. been putting a lot of hours in recently,
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    Recruitment Request

    Anything else: Been spending most of my free time on the Hzrd servers for the past couple of months now, getting to know the regulars. I'm not the best but have improved massively since I started coming here. Always been a clean player, No VAC bans and always a good sport, even when I get hammered.
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    admin abuse

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the report. I have investigated this case and came to the following conclusion: It seems like you're behavior (ions906) was actually insanely intolerant. Case 1: This happened straight after Xenick kicked you for camping. Case 2: It seems like after you raged at Xenick, you purposely used a forbidden weapon. Since the VIP in question has no rights to tempban, he kept on kicking you, since he assumed you'd just continue breaking the rules. To avoid that, you started changing your name. However, apparently that resulted in: "IGateHays" is the name you changed yours into from "slimp dick". Even after changing name and avoiding the kicks from our VIP, it seemed like you didn't actual care about any of our rules. --------------------------------------------------------- I also have to point out that XeniCK did make a mistake. By checking the kick/warn history it seems that he instantly kicked you without any advance warn. Our VIPs should first make people aware of the rules by warning them before proceeding to kick. --------------------------------------------------------- However, your behavior is completely unacceptable, so XeniCK is not the one to blame here.
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    VIP Request

    You've been given VIP.
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    VIP Request - AntiZKilll

    Anything else: URL to sec acc: second account
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    Be A Captain

    Name: ALEX STEAM NAME: CHOMPA STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/chompamayn/ PREVIOUS CLANS: FayZnee, REBL, Nova/vT, WeS AGE: 19 APPLYING FOR: COMPETITION CAPTAIN NOTE: I’m currently taking a year off after high school, and therefore have the opportunity to actually take this job seriously. I’m also familiar with the challonge.com website, and have put together a few brackets for csgo tournaments in the past. I would truthfully be honored to take responsibility for our upcoming competitions, and I do have a few things in mind when it comes to this.
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    cR Clan War Request

    i'd be down for this.
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    VIP Request

    sorry you need at least 150hrs to be considered for vip , you have 108hrs
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    VIP Request

    hi! thanks for applying but the hours spent on the servers is 24 hours collectively minimum for vip 150hrs
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