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  1. Aimbot FFA

    steam link? can you post the whole game not just bits?
  2. Alastair / UooU

    this whole problem started because of the misuse of the rules shortcode if he has been warned with tomarun he would have stop arguing as !rules are just too ambiguous and should only be written to those who break several rules not just one please be advised to use the proper reason in the future!
  3. Alastair / UooU

    I see alastair have made this mess by warning for !rules instead of writing the actual reason, which started this whole mess
  4. Alastair / UooU

    hold on while speedy, tell us his story
  5. Falcon CA

    first two round of falcon7x was camp , you cant wait in that manner doesnt matter if other people do it (Yes, it means they camped too!) this is clear and there is no question about it i rather leave camp for kick and tempban rather than permanent unless that specific player keeps repeating the offense we will keep an eye on it!
  6. cR Clan War Request

    elmo this is so old , it already ended xD
  7. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    you have never seen batman either but that doesnt mean he doesnt exist
  8. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    hey remi! thanks for your suggestion but there are people who only play ffa and people who only play snd they dont like to play something else, even though its true that there arent many people playing black ops 1 it has been like this since forever same people rarely any new people since both servers are doing well i think its not a good idea
  9. Heyy!

    cool, we should play a game sometimes
  10. Heyy!

    hey ! havent seen you around at all where do you play?
  11. %user% Ban

    this is a tempban...
  12. Abstract Ban

    Hello, sorry for the late response but i wanted to get this right and take my time to show you why what you are saying is absolute bullshit yes you were rewarded for helping keep the server active at the start by giving you "trusted vip", later on you abused that privilege and started kicking hazard members i would like to put my screenshots into two categories first to why you lost your trusted VIP and the second why you got banned 1- you lost your vip for tempbanning hzrd | chad for the reason "I try" Bragging in the server? seriously? how stupid do you have to be?! 2- Being banned: you have been bad mouthing hazard while playing on hazard servers?! what were you expecting? a certificate? and tempbaning people without warns and kicks! when you had your vip tempbaning people without warns and kicks!
  13. Greg's behaviour

    1:24 you were closer to the house more than you were to middle of the map 1:43 you called him stupid so you started insulting first 2:59 was not a hardscope 2:09 greg says "nice hs" i think saying cried is a little too far, he just said it the one time. i wouldn't warn for camp unless someone always stays in that same spot (multiple rounds) which you didnt (only one time), looks like an honest mistake after all it was just a warn you didnt get kicked or temp banned for this i say to greg be careful next time and make sure they actually camped and to you thank you for reporting it in the forum i like to be transparent and keep this community active
  14. Banned

    unfortunately for you , invisible person hack does not show with replays so you cant be excused due to the nature of the hack we take testimony from our admins... one of our admins (not swift) says he saw you using an invisible hack 15/3/2018 which happens to be yesterday another unfortunate thing for you, we dont give second chances for hackers just guys who didnt follow the rule or equal problem gets second chances
  15. Swift admin abuse

    i dont know why you added the cringy music anyway the video you shown isnt the full game and doesnt really show anything, post the full match for us to make a decision.