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  1. joeyunlimit

    I got banned for no reason pls help

    ill look into it
  2. joeyunlimit


    welcome to hazard feel free to join our discord! hope to see on there!
  3. joeyunlimit


    welcome to hazard feel free to join our discord! hope to see on there!
  4. joeyunlimit

    Descandant admin abuse x2

    sorry for the delay am looking into it!
  5. joeyunlimit

    I do edits

    its a fresh take on edits, cool approach keep it up
  6. thanks , he has been warned let me know if it happens again
  7. joeyunlimit

    Unknow soldier: Aim assist/aimbot

    thanks banned
  8. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Today this happened by an XY member https://steamcommunity.com/id/DocStephenStrange/ therefore this proves where your loyalty is this topic is closed
  9. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    the group is there for informational purpose so in case you come as a vip say i didnt know this i didnt know that we say go there and look in your vip group, we are not gonna give you exams on the group neither written or oral. thats not an excuse you could have just came and asked , you may think greg is wrong but so far he is right until i have sometime this weekend to look over the logs and decide if there was anything wrong in what he did.. vegan is a vip , greg is an admin i understand i just dont agree
  10. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    because if greg can recognize his error and apologize there is no reason for me to interfere unless glassy said i am not satisfied with this solution. glassy has NOT said anything just left i took that as an ok i dont know why there is a misunderstanding here clearly from previous replies you can read what i said thats why everyone should think when they are about to do something stupid , but saying am just gonna let people render the server inactive because everyone kicks each other thats madness.
  11. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    this is bias opinion and out topic go look in my profile you see many vips are in these groups , who ever gave you vip made a mistake. just because you think you are doing something correctly doesn't mean its correct
  12. joeyunlimit

    Zillian Abuse admin

    under investigation
  13. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    i would have to go back to the console for this will do
  14. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    that never happened, even if it were to happen that member would be banned and kicked for life thats the worst offense you can do in hazard.. you kicked him for saying "stfu vegan" after you told redcore to ignore an admin , thats the definition of rage THE SITE IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU REPORT THESE THINGS i dont know about other times but this was not deserved , you are a vip you were given vip because elmo trusted you you betrayed that trust for the second time because you started it , instead of coming to the site about greg he has not kicked nor warned he was just saying if he kicked redcore that would be a different story and he kicked you after you kicked him
  15. joeyunlimit

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    first sorry for responding late this was not the first time vegan did this , he kicked someone for disrespect before and his vip was removed without my knowledge elmo gave him vip back you should watch the video again , first zillian said redcore was camping then vegan told him to ignore zillian , then zillian said stfu vegan then vegan kicked zillian for respect, zillian came back and kicked him (to retaliate being kicked) redcore kicked zillian for abuse , redcore got a warn but he was not banned like vegan you can see in the vip group what is a good reason to kick anything else is not first line is untrue and you can go back to the video second line is the reason i said come and report , i am not there nor will i be when things like that happen so just take a video and post in this forum he whine true but he doesnt warn nor kick , he is allowed to vent but once he warns/kicks/tempbans you can come straight here and say this is not right i was not camping and this is the video to prove it he was replying to you which is mature way to do , he asked you a question you didnt answer and i quote "okay habs understood.nexte times look only before I warn. Is the okey for you? " you didnt reply because if you said no its not ,i would have to intervene i do not accept friend requests and its right there on my profile , you have three ways to contact me on this forum (which i prefer) , on a private message here or on discord all of you need to understand , i dont know any of you perhaps by names if you were reported here or by an admin over steam or any other contact ... hazard server is there for everyone literally i dont enjoy banning anyone unless they distrub the server and i have received a feedback that a person needs to be banned after that i check on the console log to validate that person is true said or did such thing as you can see above i have provided screenshots of the conversation that went here and if you go to the banned section i always provide screenshots thank you for coming