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  1. doesnt matter if you hitmark or not you are not allowed to kill someone for your last kill it needs to be last nice this is a tempban which last 30mins
  2. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    Hi, you only have 110 hours on the server we only give vip for those who has been playing for longer than 300 hours
  3. add me so we can finish the process
  4. we dont dispute hacking bans, thanks for coming to the site! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bpc8PhVxgi-sdl_bJu1OcXbGUf7FD0Vi/view?usp=sharing
  5. joeyunlimit

    Report VIP

    what anti said... i dont see why anyone would think its anything other than kills that counts
  6. thats outrageous camp because anti replied to this first ill give him the benefit of the doubt please feel free to update if this happens again
  7. thanks for reporting he has been banned
  8. just saw the match its clear that flyhigh was trolling and didnt defuse even though a tempban is not recommended i can see why its frustrating i dont see a problem and therefore wont be taking action as we dont tolerate trolls thanks for your report
  9. you can upload to youtube or google drive and just paste the link here
  10. these are screenshots not recordings.. can you record when legacy and capone tempbanned him?
  11. add anti he will add you to the vip group and assign vip
  12. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    but this application is for a vip request
  13. do you speak english?
  14. he is not vip though nor a member
  15. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    your steam link is incorrect
  16. get to know JBX ELMO ANTI add them and talk
  17. get to know the people on the server, let people get to know you and try again later
  18. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    none of the admins you mentioned knows you in the server
  19. add me on steam to continue
  20. this is for late spawn and you are right on this but like legit said its very hard to judge without a video
  21. there was some confusion to your identity I apologize for that
  22. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    this has already been rejected no second accts please!
  23. i hope being funny works for you on other servers, good luck
  24. the screenshot doesnt show anything, did you save it in theater? if so please share the video or let us know which slot the video is occupying in your theater
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