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  1. sorry we dont dispute vacs
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/aimware_user0250/
  3. you only have 3 hours you need a 150 hours on server to gain VIP
  4. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    you have been blacklisted for abuse
  5. probably went unnoticed, be sure to read the vip rules! or it will be revoked
  6. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    did you stop playing?
  7. you have 118 hours on our server once it hits 150 hours you can gain vip!
  8. when someone is 69 you have to allow them
  9. these are in November only
  10. hi! thanks for applying but the hours spent on the servers is 24 hours collectively minimum for vip 150hrs
  11. you only have 23hrs on both servers you are still quite new to join hazard, try again after sometime
  12. not giving trusted vip to anyone atm but i guess you would want vip
  13. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    you have 88hrs on servers its too early for vip try again once you hit 150+
  14. joeyunlimit

    VIP Request

    you have only 26hrs of game time on our server, vip need to have at least 150hrs + this is your second account
  15. you are jumping ship need to be a hazard member first and second there is no vip captain anymore its done through requests on the site again jumping ship this process is between applicant and assigned admin (me)
  16. as the matter is resolved now, i see no point of keeping you banned
  17. this thread is for disputing not giving opinion regarding everyone else other than hunting and i
  18. greg reported you, thats how we knew you can report there is a different punishment for greg
  19. thats a really lame excuse, "to know if you can kick" 1- you dont understand the gravity of kicking a hazard admin from a hazard server 2- there is no such thing as privilege in tournaments 3 - we are sick of trollers 4- i didnt decide if this is a perm ban yet
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