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  1. What server were you banned from? : Paronicon Why were you banned? : Second account When were you banned? : 18.01.2016 What was your in-game name when you got banned?: Ace | Aqua I don't understand why I got banned again, its so annoying. I don't have a second account, so I have no idea why this is happening. Can you please dispute my ban again?
  2. Changed my name

    ok, thank u again xD I will try to join again now
  3. Changed my name

    Umm, are you sure you unbanned me? It still says im banned from the server? Is it made so it doesent work before a couple of minutes or something? :/
  4. Changed my name

    Thank u soo much Joey:D You are the best<3
  5. Changed my name

    ohh, i dont understand that dont think i got banned before? Thats weird:/ Either way, can u pleease unban me, i promise never to break any rules again, I would be so gratefull. Pleease<3
  6. Changed my name

    What server were you banned from? : dont know Why were you banned? : kicked for using variable zoom, then i changed my name, because i didnt like the old one, when i then joined again i got baned :/ When were you banned? : about half a year ago What is your in-game name?: Ace | Aqua i have a problem, the ffa sniper server on nuketown, i got kicked cause i used variable zom (forgott to take it off after another server) And then i decided to change my name because i didnt like the other one, when i then tried to join again, i got banned, Joey, can you pleease unban me?? it is my favourite server of all time!