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  1. Would like to know if there is a answer for me yet?
  2. What server were you banned from? : Joey or michael Why were you banned? : For being a jerk towards some people of hzrd When were you banned? : like 2 years till 3 years ago What is your in-game name?: Right now it is ( Blur' Audio ) But back then I dont know CL' Audio or something? I would like to be unbanned I know i made it tuff for some of the HzRd Guys and i regrit it, it has been 2 to 3 years ago i've been banned. And i tried to get in contact with joey and with michael but sadly not worked out. I would like to be unbanned on HzRd for the following reasons. 1: I am chanced, It was a long time ago that it happend, i am older, and i Stay relaxed 2: HzRd members play on Our Blur server and its fun with them, i do wanna join them sometime's aswell to stay connected. 3: I realy feel sorry what've done before and i hope there is a chance to get a new start for me. I hope IF i can't be unbanned that i can come in contact with joey and or michael... just to explain them th situation back then,. Greetz audio
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