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  1. HZRD FFA ban for cheat!? :S

    And also english is not my mother language, i did not even graduate with good ratings in english language so the text i write can be all missunderstod as i cant fully express myself in english =(
  2. HZRD FFA ban for cheat!? :S

    This is the reason i did act like i did from start when he first removed the admin rights, ignorance, he answear anyone but me. After he removed the admin rights he did not explain why, he did not answear me in chatt, neither in private message here on forum. What i did wrong was i got mad at some players for not following the rules, or well it mayby wasnt any set rules but as the text "listen to admin" is popping up all the time they should have listen on me but instead started to act very disrespectfull, instead they should have listen to me for the moment and then tell Joey or Hope so they could have told me what i did was wrong, but instead i just had rights removed and got ignored. To your question about my age there Red~ im or Joey the one on the stage of lower age in this case? But then back to the stage of age, then i started to act very childish, i said every word i possible could come up with as harassment, called Joey things that no human on earth deserves to be called. I have ADHD irl, even if its a game in my brain the feeling of getting threatened wrong trigger my anger before i can behave myself. But i have angermanagement, this situation is not a normal case, it used to be as a younger me but not now, its very rare. And to answear you Red~ im never stoned, i rarely drink, i rarely flip out. Because i wanted to snipe again, in the only mode i think is fun "FFA" on a sniper only server, i had to lie, what would i do. I expected this day to come, and i do not have time to level for L96A1 every time, and i do not have money to buy Bo1 every time to make it look trustworthy, and i allways want to perform, should i look like a beginner i would not have fun... so i will get detected. I have not commit any crime, more then being disrespectful to the one who keeps the server alive, does he deserve it? ofcourse not.. but its been half a year since i got banned, if not longer? mayby a year even. And now when i cant play again, the only reason i spent 1200eur again was to play this game, i had my punishment belive me, i know how to not act from now on, no more lies, no more being disrespectful to Joey or anyone, not using CAPS when someone do wrong, not bother Joey everytime anyone break the rules. Give me a last chance to prove i can be the typical player you want to be on your server. =) plz b0ss?
  3. HZRD FFA ban for cheat!? :S

    Im 26y old and i can handle it. I did lie, i did try to make a 2nd account without thinking about people may notice you are better then a beginner =) but if i got unbanned on my 1st account Jaeger i would not have any reason to lie or flip out again. I would not bother Joey by asking for admin powers or spam about people doing wrong like i did before, wich i think is one of the reasons he got tired of me. Im sorry for a bad start Red~
  4. HZRD FFA ban for cheat!? :S

    Okey i got banned again xD My mom allways told me, tell the truth it will take you far. So i try and follow the advice of her... Ive been stupid before its me Jaeger, i was on a 2nd account [HZRD]Lolsinixy was right, but i found it funny that he tought i had aimbot xD Im no cheater i have never use cheats, thats the truth atleast, JOEY could you ever forgive me for the very very childish behavior like almost a year ago? To be honest when i got the admin rights removed i was so pissed for the moment, i actually sold my computer and did not have a computer for 6 months, i recently got back again. If you let me back i will be calm and never do anything against the rules, and just be a normal player that never complains. I can show livestream everytime i play if somoene still think i cheat =)
  5. HZRD FFA ban for cheat!? :S

    I got unbanned again, i think it was someone named Lolsinixy that banned me, mayby it was just a misstake
  6. What server were you banned from? : Couldnt see name.. Why were you banned? : Suspect cheat?! When were you banned? : 2016-04-25 What was your in-game name when you got banned?: GippYU Hello there! Im new to Black ops 1, used to play alot of Mw2 and Black ops 2, but my crew i used to play with stopped play and i found it boring to play in public as we used to team up and snipe. Found HZRD FFA on Youtube so i decided to buy it and try it did level up to 29 to buy L96a1 and here im... Now when i played, someone from HZRD clan banned me for suspect cheat?? id love to prove to him i do not cheat, i could livestream some games tonight if you like. My ingame name is GippYU and ive played Black ops 1 for some weeks. Never touched any kind of cheat not in this game and not in any game! last time i did cheat were on Mortal Combat and GTA on playstation, infinite gold you know. Somehow i cant add friends, i need to update my steam account as its new, dont know how, but when i do is there anyone i can add to friends from Hzrd?