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    i will provide you with any info you ask for if it helps
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    What server were you banned from? : i dont even know Why were you banned? : "hacking, using paricon2" When were you banned? : 30/04/2016 What was your in-game name when you got banned?: iKOA so i just got banned, someone named jeffre called me on cheats, he said "you are making it a little to obvious" and then the next game i got banned, i have not cheated and this is unjust, idk how to prove it but i just got unbanned so why would i immediately just start cheating.
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    Unban request

    thank you very much
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    Intro :)

    Hey guy, I took quite a long break from the whole black ops scene for a while, I'm trying to get back into the game and back into the sniping part! (probably not as exciting to you as it is for me!) Currently I am banned off the hzrd servers but if I'm lucky enough to get unbanned I look forward to playing with everyone! Also trying to finally get that 15th prestige, so any XP gaining tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! iKOA
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    Unban request

    What server were you banned from? : Redneckz (maybe) Why were you banned? : was never given a reason When were you banned? : 1-2 years ago What was your in-game name when you got banned?: iKOA the whole situation is hazy to me, it happened long ago, the only details I can specifically remember is that I was never given a reason. Trying to get back into black ops sniping again and this is the only good server that remains. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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