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  1. Only Veganlol is banned from HZRD. Redcore is NOT, and CAN still play on both SND and FFA servers. (even gregpipe didn't knew this apparently). As Joey said the reason for the ban is because he kicked an hzrd member off their own server... Which I can completely understand and agree with. The same would go for all the other "big" clans if they would have owned a server. However considering the situation and the people involved, banning and painting Vegan as the problem is something I truly cannot comprehend. Yes we kicked Greg.. And yes he got tempbanned... But isn't the everyday attitude coming from him the reason what has lead to this? We all know black ops is a game we can easily get tilted over, right? Especially when it comes to someones behavior who acts the same way everytime you see him play. For most Greg is a big example. Complaining(or warning) repeatedly for things that people did NOT even do. And once people are tilted... kicking them with the reason #Respect. I am not saying that I, Vegan or anyone else is an Angel and never have done this before. But Greg is a player well know for these things. Another example; The way he tells his side of the story about what happend compaired to what actually happend.. And later on the way he responds to Glassy who just gave his personal opinion about the whole situation. Isn't that just toxic attitude and trying to twist words? Please tell me if I am wrong. "Then report the guy!!"... Thats what would sound like the most logic thing to do. I was thinking, let's not create anymore drama. Let's just play and I will record if stuff like this occurs again. So Honesty I wasn't even going to respond anymore until I saw this: joeyunlimit replied to Glassy Sky/Tanya's topic in Report a Player And you wrote: "under investigation" Posted 3 hours ago on 11/26/2018 6:50 PM... That was one of the post Glassy was talking it about. He created that post 09/27/2018. Why.. after Glassy mentioned it again, took you 2 months to look into it? Because from my experience with bans or the people that I know well, it would take you a day if not 2 to respond and have your decision ready. Adding up that I also read that Vegan reported him or admins before but never got a respondse. Not to critize but I am stating the facts. With all this I am not saying Greg is the worst person ever and should be banned. I am saying that in our perspective the players are getting judges unfairly compaired to the members. Especially considering our and their behavior. That is also the thing that bothers me most nowadays. But a few changes in our behaviour could make these black ops days allot more fun. Lastly for you Joey try to remember the next part when you thinking about banning someone. (Not only concerning this situation) You succeeded in making Hazard Sniping the core server for people to go too when playing black ops. The number of the game players has really been reduced. I think it rarely happends when people play on sniper servers other then Hazard. Like really rarely (1/2 times a month) If you ban someone, please keep in mind that you basicly ban him on the only sniper servers that are left. So basicly they wil not be able to play the game anymore. As for Gregpipe if you are reading this. You probebly expected me to be banned aswell. But please keep it a bit real. If a admin kicks a player with the reason "No reason".. ofcourse it looks like admin abuse. Wouldn't it be a bit more wisely to type something like "Aproved by zily" or "Ask zily for further notice" Anyways, that is all. Happy gaming!
  2. I do not consider my responds to Zillian "raged" but okay ,Understood. but in Vegans defense, isn't that a bit hypocritical to say? Since if you are 4:10 minutes into the video, greg basicly kicks Yakeen (Satan) for the same reason? And that is not the first time he does stuff like that. Anyhow, I do not want to make a huge drama scene out of this. But In my opinion, considering Zillians behavior when playing with him. ( Seeing allot like this stuff happen) the ban for vegan is still not justified.
  3. Hello , would you be so kind to watch this 5 min video please. Because I am convinced the bans that were given to Veganlol and me are unjustified https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlkS4pyA6A8 Pardon me for the bad 1060 quality :p. I must have used the wrong render settings
  4. I really have to thank you guys for the unban! Altho I deffinatly understand you need to be 100% sure(for the unban or for the coming period).. I never lend or let him use the account I play on now. Its true I lend him that acc of what you speak off, > and it's also the acc that originally got banned. But since I made a new back then (the acc I use now steam lvl 80) and I joined on the hzrd server. Joey banned this one aswell. The other acc is now in full possession of that banned player. Thought you guys should know. Anyways Happy gaming!
  5. What server ( SND FFA) By whom (Joey? I think)
  6. What server were you banned from? : Joey? I think. Why were you banned? : Invited people to another server When were you banned? : Somewhere between 1,5 and 3 years ago. What was your in-game name when you got banned?: Could be Conflict, Yahiko, Niklaus, Elijah. My apologies for the rule breaking back then :/
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