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    Can somone unban Corleone on hzrd snd ? I guess im banned now long enough lol :/
  2. totala51


    1st Slot http://steamcommunity.com/id/coooooooooorleonee
  3. totala51


    Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is not a tempban?: I'm sure What server were you banned from? : hzrd snd Why were you banned? : hacks When were you banned? : 15.03.18 Provide your steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/coooooooooorleonee Well I'm banned on the Snd Server because of Hacks, I obviously don't hack lol. I uploaded the replay of my last SND game on my bo1 account theatre. Please watch this replay you won't find any hack and I wasnt invisible they all saw me and killed me. And if a guy tells you that somone is hacking please tell him he need a proof (screen or vid or something else) before u're banning instantly perma. swift hates me since the beginning and he always wanted to get me banned and he always said to everyone that im hacking why'd ppl listen to him? And Yes Iam on the banned player list but they decided to give to all a second chance Greets Totala aka Corleone aka Jughead aka Invisible
  4. What server were you banned from? : Hope aka Zily Why were you banned? : Because of VAC ban on main account When were you banned? : yesterday What was your in-game name when you got banned?: ElBurrito Well, my main account is Invisible (now totala51) I was banned more than a year ago for cheats on steam. Those days, i really wanted to try to cheat in Blackops1 (just in private lobby). After not even a minute, I got a VAC ban. These days Veganlol told me to not do it, because the cheat can be detected, well I was to dumb and I didnt listen to him. Now, after a year, I tried to play again Blackops 1 (of course without any cheats) and Michael banned me instantly for Hacks. Amlaith once said to me: If you have a VAC ban then take a year break and the people will maybe forgive you (As it was at niklaus). I know it was the worst thing I can do, but please forgive me!
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