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  1. deechtesam

    banned agian

    its fixed already fixet
  2. deechtesam

    banned agian

    (ban message is the same as the tempban message wait 31mins and rejoin the server before making a topic) Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is NOT a tempban?: What server were you banned from? : ffa Why were you banned? : forgot to jump When were you banned? : 23-12-18 16:15 Provide your steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084012512/ Anything else: vip banned me
  3. I'm getting better with sniper XD

  4. deechtesam

    banned for no reason

    iam banned on the FFA Server
  5. deechtesam

    banned for no reason

    What server were you banned from? : i dont know Why were you banned? : trickshot failed When were you banned? : 17-6-2017 time:15:39 What was your in-game name when you got banned?: IkBenSam iam banned for no reason trickshot failed
  6. deechtesam

    Hello iam Sam

    Hey joey i like the servers
  7. deechtesam

    Hello iam Sam

    I like gaming and hanging out whit friends i play sinds 2015 and i play mutch on the HZRD server