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    Ban kurwa

    What server were you banned from? : idk, Zily? Why were you banned? : Have no idea When were you banned? : Today or yasterday What was your in-game name when you got banned?: fabiot. Gaywer Hi... This situation is very strange, i just play this game for fun, dont even know anything about the clans, their leaders, players and dont know anything about the moods between them. I got information that i get banned for beeing in fabiots or for inviting other ppl on our server. I invited only once, one person, the legit one, when we needed one to start the game, at the same moment i was writing with him on steam. Otherwise, what the heck is wrong with inviting on servers? Have u never done this before? I dont know what u got fabiots wrong, but please let me enjoy the game and give me unban on yours servers, and i would like to remind, that i was an vip on ur server. Thanks for attention. Gaywer )
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