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  1. Hi, my name is Co1d and im a verry active player on the FFA server and its definitely my absolute favourite server currently available as im typing this. Scince it is my favourite i obviously care a lot about it and the overall enjoyment of people playting there and having people keep playing far in to the future as well. So that is a big reason why im writing this proposal today. There are currently 2 sniper rifiles available for use on the server wich im sure everyone is familiar with, Dragunov and L96A1. The Dragunov being a low damage semi automatic while the L96A1 is high damage but bolt action. My suggestion is that the PSG1 sniper rifile wich is the rifile unlocked last through the level progression would join both the Dragunov and the L96A1 as a third option in the server. This would add a bit more variety to gameplay with a second sniper that feels good to use, as im sure you would agree the Dragunov feels kinda wierd to play with. The PSG1 would kinda cover a middle ground in that it is lower damage that L96A1 so you need more precise shots to kill but the damage is not as low as the Dragunov so it still feels rewarding to use for the player. All this would be acived wile the enjoyment level of people getting killed would remain the same scince the "NO SPRAY" rule wouldm ofcourse apply to the PSG1 as well like it to does every other gun currently in use. So with this i would urge you members in HZRD to have a disscussion about this and hopefully reach the same conclusion that i have. As i see it you only have possitive things to gain from this potential change, these would be more variety and possibly increased player enjoyment on the server wich would mean people would potentially stick around for longer etc etc. Thank you verry much for litsening, kindest regards Co1d
  2. Co1d

    Co1d ban ffa

    For some reason im banned again with the exact same message as it had when i was first banned 3 years ago. Can you have a look in to it and unban me again. I didn't do anything to warrant a ban scince i was unbanned last time so i dont know how i am banned again?
  3. Co1d


    Alistair keeps being rude and threatening to ban me everytime we are in the same game on the ffs server. In the most recent game I pointed out that he keeps scoping in last nice trickshots and that it doesent look that nice when you scope in most peoples oppinion. After that he threatened to kick me and told me to "shut the fuck up" and called me a "gaylord". I think this is really disrespectfull and not in line with what i feel should be expected from admins on the server.
  4. Co1d


    No unfortunately not. I dont have any recording software. I understand that this makes it hard for you to determine wether or not anyone did anything wrong, but i engourage you to keep an eye out for future abuse of power. Kind regards
  5. Co1d


    So basicvally no matter what i did i was getting kicked out and threatened with a ban. You should look in to this player abusing his admin rights.
  6. Co1d


    I would like to report player TeFey for admin abuse. I was just playing like always on the s&d server and i get kicked 3 times in a row for "camping" though i absolutely wasnt camping even once. When i pointed this out by simply telling him that i wasn't camping he kicked me for being "rude".
  7. Co1d

    Co1d ban ffa

    thanks fo unbanning me
  8. Co1d

    Co1d ban ffa

    What server were you banned from? : I don't even remember Why were you banned? : i used rpg and a fake clan tag When were you banned? : about 2 or 3 years ago What was your in-game name when you got banned?: either imSan1c or maybe coldZe0 This was like 3 years ago i think and i do not remember exact date, who banned me or what my name was at the time. However if there is a way for me to get unbanned now i would like to be. I will provide a link to my steam profile below if it helps http://steamcommunity.com/id/ImSanic/
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