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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068122115/
  2. What server where you banned from?: FFA Who banned you: dont remember Sorry it seems my first post messed up
  3. What server were you banned from? : not sure Why were you banned? : didnt make last kill nice When were you banned? : 8/27 What was your in-game name when you got banned?: Slumped Didn't know last kill in the ffa server had to a nice kill cam. I only got 2 matches in the server and the first one wasnt ended in a nice kill cam, so i didnt think we had to. I got insta banned without a warning or anything. Sorry i should have read the rules first, but and unban would be much appreciated <3 thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Gamertag: Slumped
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