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  1. Anything else: he came on the server and warned me to camp, but I didn't camp I made a video where you can’t see that I didn’t camp https://youtu.be/47J8GGtYgG0
  2. But tant can not just kick people for no real reason
  3. gregpipe

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    you are not my friend !!!?
  4. gregpipe

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    You troll me with my name. Then you say you know me what's the point
  5. gregpipe


    and two screenshots https://prnt.sc/nt1zyw http://prntscr.com/nt206e the first video is the god mod. from the point of view of speedy the second is the aim bot
  6. I told you not to spam on the hzrd server, but you just keep going, why are you doing this?
  7. you just fucked up with hamaad on the hzrd server I told you that I'll make screenshots of it you just laughed and you did not care you know the rules of hzrd and you have ignored it you've been on the server first you did not care if you get banned or not want to hzrd now I think your behavior is not suitable for hzrd
  8. You were banned because you did advertising for the snr server and asked people if you wanted to come
  9. it's true he hacks I saw it I got it TB the VAC did not get in black ops please ban
  10. I will not do you have insulted my family, and I've posted lots of stuff often enough
  11. he is a liar yesterday I played black ops and he blocks me or runs after me and annoys me every time I want to play he comes and annoys me he pretends to be guilty of everyone saying that he's a hacker, and if there's no admin on the server he says that he does not care what admins say and he does not care if he gets banned if he is in a group with more people he is strong and just insulted I do not believe him anything he says. on the server i have often seen how real he is a little kid
  12. you're such a liar that's not normal, first you're sorry dan I'm guilty of what other people say
  13. I did not lie, what I said just happened that way. you come to the server, it does not take 5 minutes then the first stupid saying comes in. and I told you to post on the hzrd homepage, but no you always do it on the server, you look for the mistakes in others but sometimes with you. you're angry because I can write so much about you that you do everything and do not get it when you're looking for mistakes I did not seek
  14. you have nothing against me in the hand well I did nothing you just want to put it so that you are the one who never does anything, you know exactly that many rules break and you never say sorry.
  15. you have 1 thing where you have been telling me for two weeks that it was a rule break but that you have insulted me before you do not care
  16. You did not have that when you killed me with spray
  17. I'm late but where are the other 1000 rule breaks where I should have made
  18. I was late because I talked about shiva's insult in the Discord.
  19. record it with obs studio
  20. you do something like that on the server and that is halfscope spray that is forbidden
  21. just look like you're playing, you never say sorry that's a lie again. I do not want to talk to you stick to the rules you have not kept the rule, you should read the rules better luch halfscop spray is forbidden that you have I'm still nice and say it before I warn them that's crying do not think so, dan i just let it and warn alik you say to people that they are bad I've seen that often enough you do not play fun you want to annoy people on the server dan do you make fun of them this is funn for you something is inhumane
  22. what you say is a lie, you're being watched like anybody else who does not respect rules, you break many rules so you'll be more worried, that's my job the same is always the only insulting, no matter what you say there is always a insult. I also like videos or screenshots upload times no probelm that will dan see what you do, so people like you screw up other people the game and say to players that they are bad just because they do not have good kdr, who gives you the right to judge others whether they are good or not I get on the (hzrd) snd server it does not take 5 min dan comes already the first insult I can say a lot more We want to have fun when we play, but it does not make fun with you
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