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    he insults me on the server

    Anything else: I am always insulted by him on or have to listen to stupid sayings on he comes with another acc and calls himself hzrd grepipe I have also made a screenshot of that just called hzrd grepipe
  2. Anything else: seven has no respect for admin there are always stupid sayings of him as things as have your admin bought
  3. Anything else: I've been told several times that he does not make a last nice and always leavt, it's happened quite often and I think it's the best who is banned by the ffa server
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    Recruitment Request as a member

    dein profil ist privat
  5. gregpipe

    Recruitment Request as a member

    I come from near Ravensburg lol
  6. gregpipe

    Report VIP

    I think it's better if he does not get a VIP anymore
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    I got banned for no reason pls help

    You got a vac ban in black ops https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139380520/
  8. gregpipe

    I got banned for no reason pls help

    you got a tempban of 30 min
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    Be A Captain

    Name: greggy STEAM NAME: greggy STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zillian94/ PREVIOUS CLANS: Sir*, ng ,Akatsuki AGE: 24 APPLYING FOR: VIP CAPTAIN
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    Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    I do not want revenge what happened or was I do not care I look in the future and not back everyone has to work on it no man is pervekt if you notice it yourself this is good for you. I say it but I do not warn and sometimes you just misinterpret what I'm writing in the chat I'm not a human always crying or flaming I'm a jolly gerln people know me too. I go out of things you see yourself I'm often in the audience module just to look like people with situaton to go most of it is just wrong or too fast .. it's true that I asked yesterday why they kick it well there are many others people are talking in other languages, too, so I want to say people new to the server are not always doing exactly what the bot says the person from yesterday wrote only once in a wrong language that you can kick but you do not have to kick ..you say i do not know the rule i play for over 1000 hours on hzrd i have been co owner in other clans or admin i know allso very well the rule on hzrd is not the first clan where i am in gejoint that makes me happy when i learn from your mistakes i said yes everybody has to work on them. they stick to all rules is very good .. i'm not saying that i'm bad i just said that i did not want to paint or bad there i do not know her i hope i also expect the same from him. at the moment can not say much about her in some situatsonen could otherwise deal with it ..
  11. gregpipe

    Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    hello I've just watched the video. And I have to say that it does not campt for me is well, everything is very fast. I was not something like that was it is a normal spot is played for a very long time. I want to quickly say something to moap he does not listen to the admin he provokes players on the server. his behavior is a bit kiddys and I want to say something to glassy he breaks more the rule in things rb spray. he warn or kickt too fast for me it is very often about things that are made by new players. I think he does not have enough experience how to best with vip to go see his warn / kicks. sorry for my bad englisch.
  12. Today the 16.11.18 i told Swmt Redcore to move in Black Ops on the Hzrd Server. Kimi(Vegan) told him then that he should ignore me. Due to that i told Kimi(Vegan) to be silent. As response Kimi kicked me insteandly with the reason ''be more respektful please''. After talking to zilly i kicked Kimi for ''no reason'' which was approved by Zilly. As response to my kick Swmt Redcore insteantly kicked me for ''Admin abuse''. After rejoining i told Redcore the next insteand kick would be punished with a kick for him. A short time after that Vegan joined with his main account and tempbanned me without any warns or kicks. He justified his tempban with '' Ask Zilly for further information thanks''. Zilly told me to ask Joy or Legit for the chatlogs. All ''unreasonable'' insteand kicks on me got screenshoted and i got a witness who can approve the whole story.
  13. gregpipe

    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    I would like to make statement to Glassy Sky’s comment on our website. First of all I would like to remind him to read the whole post and not only things which are in his personal favour. First of his commend he criticise the punishment of Vegan and Redcore. He tells the administration how they should had punished them. He is not in the position to tell Joejunlimit or any other Admin how they have to handle this. Furthermore reasoned Joejunlimit already why they banned Vegan and Redcore. So there is no need of any discussion. Second thing Glassy points out are the kicks made from Vegan and me. If he would had read the whole post he would have seen the legitimation of my kick to Vegan. (‘’ After talking to Zilly I kicked Kimi for ''no reason'' which was approved by Zilly.’’) Glassy proves his argumentation with the Video Redcore made. The instant kick from Vegan for the ‘’stfu’’ from me is in the video which proves that Vegan kicked without warning an Hzrd Member from the Server and then tells him’ ’You’re so retarded‘‘. The response was an approved kick by Zilly. If Glassy would had read the whole post he would had seen that Joejunlimit already said everything to this point. Then Glassy says I started it because I kicked Vegan. But in the same sentence he tells us that that was a response. Furthermore he points out that Hzrd Member should be an example for VIP’s. But when a Hzrd Member punishes a VIP who abuses his rights the Hzrd Member is the abuser. In his argumentation Redcore is allowed to kick me. A VIP acts over a Hzrd Member who is supposed to be an example. That doesn’t quite make sense in my opinion. In his last part he blames Joejunlimit why not responding to him. Why does he have to? The case is between me and Vegan+Redcore. You wasn’t there when it happens. You just seem to be on their side and try to blame me. But this case is already been closed. Joejunlimit and the other Admins decided on the Information they got how to handle this. Furthermore you’re judging on the same Information. Glassy says at the end the admin abuse was real but as I said several times if he would had read the post properly he would have seen the approvement from Zilly. So after this quite long reaction to this nonsense I would like to apologize for any mistakes I made. If this case should be opened again or there are things which are quite not clear I will definitely help out to bring this case to an end. So thank you everyone and I wish you a good Sunday. Gregpipe.
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    Zillian Abuse admin

    okay habs understood.nexte times look only before I warn. Is the okey for you?
  15. gregpipe

    Zillian Abuse admin

    I warned you not kicked. I fiddle with laughter that's what it looked like to me https://youtu.be/zZwiW3P6pDc
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    What server were you banned from? : Why were you banned? : When were you banned? : What is your in-game name?: Sir*failord Anything else:pls unban my real life freand http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035496828