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  1. billy uses rpg to kill ppl on hzrd snd: #1 #2
  2. (I have some second accounts but i play only on my main and sometimes on 1 sec (it has vip status and name "Red")) Im an old black ops player who also like sniper server Hzrd. Most of you know me as "Reddd", "Redactor" and my old nickname "khi0909". I have Vip-status on both hzrd servers right now but i have some problems with trusted vips. As I see, they love break rules, like noscopes many times and camp. I can't do anything and it is sad. Also I asked some your admins (Anti, Elmo and Legit) and tried to help me and said i need ask about trusted vip here. I hope you will understand me.
  3. khi0909

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    9/7/2019 17:28 n my fileshares
  4. khi0909

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    it isnt. i can show u full game
  5. khi0909

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    #1 Giova stayed at this house for the 1 MINUTE! Then he warned this guy for "Camp"
  6. khi0909

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    #3 This guy played for other spawn and he run there
  7. khi0909

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    btw, it was in may but i was there and i remember this kick. So pity that anderson didnt clip it.
  8. khi0909

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    Hello! I had problems with this player since 2017 when he invited me to wes when i actually was in hzrd. Now he kicks me and other players for shit/without reasons. Im vip on hzrd but i cant do anything because his nicknamr is "G I O V A". Im sure a lot of ppl hate him and i want you to invip him, thanks. I and other players have more videos but i lost it because didnt play cod for 1 month, but i have some proofs on my yt channel. #1 #2 #3 #4 "Kicks this guy when he didnt camp" This... Giova realy likes to warn and kick players for no reason, I hope you will do smth
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