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  1. lillia

    Falcon CA

    It doesnt matter if you were shooting someone or he shoots you. Rules are rules you have to go atleast middle of the map and leave the base. I think you guess shooting someone from base for like 10+ sec doesnt count as camp but you are wrong at that point. Joey said enough i dont want to keep this argument active. It is camp and anyone who does it will be warned and kicked afterwards.
  2. lillia

    Falcon CA

    Look i respect to your opinion but you are wrong and the clip of 2 rounds already shows that you are standing next to your base. It doesnt matter if you shooting or its a 3v3. This server has some rules and you have to obey them. No need to argue with people when you weren't right, just say sorry and let it go. You kept complaining me that my warn is for nothing. But as you can see Nero warned you in first round cause you stayed in your base. I warned you second round cause you were still doing the same thing. This server has rules as i said.
  3. lillia

    Falcon CA

    Hey guys! Today we argued with Falcon, cause he thinks i warned him unfairly. He wanted to start this community thread so we can decide if he camps or not. Tried to talk to him patiently but he kept telling me that my warn was for nothing and unfair. Here is the proof of his camp (You guys decide):
  4. lillia


    Hello guys! As a player in Hazard Server for years there is a really stupid argument occured between me and Taawn. First , everything started with Taawn spraying quickscope. Its a rule in console, so i warned him for spray. He really got mad and Tempbanned me with that rage. Abuse of his rights , players left in the server tempbanned him back after he tempbanned me. I tried to fix the situation after , i asked him that why he banned me he replied with this : yung: How can i help you? Lillia : Why did you tempbanned me that day,i just warned you for excessive spray. yung : THE FUCK RETARD yung : idc yung : hahahhah Idk what you guys thinking about this guy but thats his true face. I know i can be a annoying too but this is too far. Decide is to you...
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