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    Hello guys! As a player in Hazard Server for years there is a really stupid argument occured between me and Taawn. First , everything started with Taawn spraying quickscope. Its a rule in console, so i warned him for spray. He really got mad and Tempbanned me with that rage. Abuse of his rights , players left in the server tempbanned him back after he tempbanned me. I tried to fix the situation after , i asked him that why he banned me he replied with this : yung: How can i help you? Lillia : Why did you tempbanned me that day,i just warned you for excessive spray. yung : THE FUCK RETARD yung : idc yung : hahahhah Idk what you guys thinking about this guy but thats his true face. I know i can be a annoying too but this is too far. Decide is to you...