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  1. Falcon CA

    Thanks for answering
  2. Falcon CA

    Hello guys Here is the full recorded game. It's, I think, better. As you can see, I am not waiting for ennemy. I am always shooting at someone. For the second round (after being warned), I killed Dr.Nero - he warned me for the 1st round - but he is doing the same thing as me for our 2nd round. (I remember, it was a 3v3 so it's easy to run for less than 20s without seeing ennemy and to be on the opposite spawn). 1st round I stayed 8 sec after marking 1 guy and shooting 6 times. 2nd round I stayed 5 sec and shooting 4 times. To my mind, the word "camp" is getting used for nothing on HZRD server. That's why I proposed to Lilla of creating a post to discuss about it. To be more understandable, you have here all the conversation between Lilla and I. I asked him before sharing. See you
  3. Greg's behaviour

    Thank you for answering and claridied the situation.
  4. Greg's behaviour

    Here is the full game. So as greg said, he thinks that I was spawn late ... where is that ? He warned me for camp at 1:24 ... do you think guys that I was camping ? He cried about hardscope at 3:08, do you think guys it was a hardscope ? So to sum up, I played following all the rules, I get warned for something I didn't do and then I get insulted by the same person ... This is why I think greg need to change his behaviour ASAP ... Falcon7x
  5. Greg's behaviour

    Do an admin have to insult somebody even if this person is not following rules ?
  6. Greg's behaviour

    Hello guys ! As a player in Hazard Server for years there is some behaviours I can't accept while playing on this server. This day, I have been insulted from greg because he was crying of getting killed... Getting killed and getting mad, he warned me for every think, like camping while I killed him from the middle of the map ... no real reasons to warn .... As I noticed, the rule 11 is to respect all members and players ... So I think this is not a good behaviour from an admin of HZRD ... Thanks Falcon7x