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    Ban BronX in MwC server

    Good day! Today was a very unpleasant incident with the player MwC / Silencer'. Playing on the server hzrd s & d I made a remark to this player in telling him <move> then he told me that only hzrd players are constantly crying. And left the hzrd server. After a while I went to the server where he played MwC MwC | Silencer' once killed he wrote something in my address, to which I replied in the way he dont cry and the next second he was banned on the server MwC. Am asking all members hzrd base as they think need to do in this very nasty situation?
  2. Hi I fully support Elmo in his decision! This player under the name "SomeThingElse" constantly insulting him playing with the guys and breaks the rules of the server. Warnings and kicks does not respond or returns to the server and begins to insult and then quickly runs away from the server ))) Thx