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  1. Just to add, a lot of players and members would agree with what I have said about Moap.
  2. As Glassy mentions, I have already been through this with him in steam chat. Moap is a consistant camper, despite being warned almost every time he plays on hzrd. Moap is in Kaml clan, even on their server they have jokes and rules implemented around Moap camping. They seem to tolierate it on their server, which is fine, none of my business. However, as Moap and his "friends" seem to just joke around with Moaps camping, Moap seems to be under the impression that camping is fine and that he can get away with it, this is not the case and i've spent enough time warning and kicking him for it. R.E. Moap and glassy argument. Moap is clearly acting like a child when warned (appropriatly), Glassy was not wrong to warn him for camp, just last night (thursday 13th GMT) i could see Moap camping in the exact spot glassy is talking about. It is fine to rush there and use that spot, but not to hang around it, waiting for other players to come to them. My only issue with Glassy is quoted from the post above: "After that, because of the annoyance of having been kick 2 times without valid reasons, i kicked him 3 times consecutively, so that he can't not kick me back:" Glassy should not have done this, despite not having much choice. I have spoken to Glassy about this already and have made sure the same situation wont happen again, if someone is acting like a kid and kicking you for no reason, do not stoop to their level and kick them too. Come here and post it. Like i said, i have spoken to glasssy and he has been warned about this, his last warn. Moap camps the majority of rounds, acts like a kid, and does not react well to being warned, even when justified, or by a hzrd member. I've wasted enough time trying to get him to play by the rules and act mature but he takes no notice. I back the decision to Ban Moap for 1 month. We do not have the playerbase to ban for life, and I like to think that Moap can be more mature and play sensible, at times i get on with moap and can enjoy him in server. However he does not listen to admins or care about being kicked. He needs a longer ban, where he can come back after, and if still acting like a nob can be perm'd. None of what i have said above is a final decision obviously and will be looked at by most likely Joey. -Elmo out *Drops mic*
  3. Just to add to this- I did not give, nor approve Moap’s VIP. I would have argued against giving it to him as this kind of behaviour is frequent from him.
  4. Yo, please keep on eye on this guy if you see him, he continues to hardscope and camp almost everday despite playing for many hours(2973 kills in server). Today he was doing both and i explained if it contined happening so often i would begin tempbaning him. He acts like a kid and denies every warn he gets. It is also obvious he cant follow the rules as he has 76 kicks, 189 warns and 19 tempbans. After getting acused of breaking a rule he usually gets pretty angry which is why i tempbanned him today for admin abuse, have tried adding him on steam and talking to him about rule breaking and having some repect for admins but he acts like a kid on steam chat to. Bronx can verify why i tb in server today if need be. Not wanting anything to come of this, just letting hzrd peeps know not to take any shit from him, espcially as he is so rude to amdins. Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038886604/ Elmo x
  5. Have seen him in server, definitely hacking.
  6. i'd be down for this.
  7. Name: Felix STEAM NAME: Elmo STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sesame_Elmo/ PREVIOUS CLANS: N/A AGE: 20 APPLYING FOR: VIP Captain
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