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  1. Zillian Abuse admin

    It does no matter if you warned me or kicked, both are an abuse of rights. From your POV that's exactely the same, it's litteraly not camp. On the first round that's a normal rotation. And in the second round in wish you warned me, that's exactely the same thing, you rushed too fast. If I had not looked at my map, and therefore I would not have seen you, I would have continued and it would seem normal to you, no? I just saw you on the map, and I just had to turn around to kill you, it's you went too fast. You can't warn about camp because you rush too fast.
  2. Zillian Abuse admin

    Hello. I make clear this bunch of letter is me, I changed my name. There is the video about the admin abuse of zillian. According to your rules i didn't break a rule. I saw there was someone was coming, i just did few steps to kill him, i do not see how we can call it "camp" I tried to speak with him for discuss about the abuse, but no anwser or just some "Hahahaha" I recorded all the game this time. Good Bye o/
  3. Aimbot FFA

    AnglaisPendjabiPachto---------------Détecter la langueAfrikaansAlbanaisAllemandAmhariqueAnglaisArabeArménienAzériBasqueBengaliBiélorusseBirmanBosniaqueBulgareCatalanCebuanoChinois (simplifié)Chinois (traditionnel)CinghalaisCoréenCorseCréole haïtienCroateDanoisEspagnolEspérantoEstonienFinnoisFrançaisFrison occidentalGaélique écossaisGalicienGalloisGéorgienGoudjeratiGrecHaoussaHawaïenHébreuHindiHmongHongroisIgboIndonésienIrlandaisIslandaisItalienJaponaisJavanaisKannadaKazakhKhmerKirghizeKurdeLaoLatinLettonLituanienLuxembourgeoisMacédonienMalaisMalayalamMalgacheMaltaisMaoriMaratheMongolNéerlandaisNépalaisNorvégienNyanjaOurdouOuzbekPachtoPendjabiPersanPolonaisPortugaisRoumainRusseSamoanSerbeShonaSindhiSlovaqueSlovèneSomaliSotho du SudSoundanaisSuédoisSwahiliTadjikTagalogTamoulTchèqueTélougouThaïTurcUkrainienVietnamienXhosaYiddishYorubaZoulouFrançais Sorry for faults.
  4. Aimbot FFA

    Hello, i saw an hacker in FFA server, i recorded some moments that prove he is hacking, if you need more proof for ban him, i can send others. Firstly, his profil steam his suspicious: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhbX9hedUQLRhA1VFjw1Yk-Gck3f And i think his only friend is his first acc with a lot of VAC ban : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhbX9hedUQLRhA7wfMCUICQcTVe2 Proof 1 : Proof 2 : Proof 3 :
  5. Falcon CA

    Hello, i took the time to read your conversation and i would like give my opinion on that. Firstly i always thinking there should a rule for distinguish camp and Late spawn or set too much time to go to the fight. There is a really difference between both. Camp is like stay in base without see anyone and waiting others players but latespawn can be just a afk or set too much time to fight with someone front of him. I think it can solve some problems. Well, Let's get into the thick of it. Firstly, on the first video, we can't call that "camp" he was shooting on someone front of him, and after finishing his duel, he went straight away. And if he is shooting on someone front of him at the same spot, the ennemy is camping as well then? After that, nero warn him. And here i don't understand, but if we watch the second round, nero do exactly the same thing,It is the same place,just the opposite place. Then nero warned him for camp because falcon stayed in base too much time the first and round, and nero stay too much time like falcon in the next round, this is not legit. And after killing nero, falcon leave directly the base. Then, again it's not "camp". I think just you complicate things for nothing, it's not like he stay in the base for 15 seconds without see anyone, he just take his duel against an ennemy, and go ahead directly. You should just be more careful or make a rule as i explained upstairs. And for finish, i don't understand why make a topic only on falcon when a lot of anothers players play like that and disput their warns.