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  1. I never broke the rules tho alastair got salty because i tomahawked him 2 games in a row that the definition of admin abuse wouldn't you agree?
  2. Video Quality will be 1920x1080 once youtube is finished rendering. Excuse the sound i use nvidia to record as i couldnt figure out how to pull the video from my cod folder
  3. Hi there! so i was minding my buisness playing the S&D server when Alastair joins the game new round starts and i come face to face with him and i tomahawk him.. he proceeds to warn me and tells me to read the rules which i did twice and i couldn't for the life of me figure out why he did it.. 2 games later he tells me im "Tomarunning" which i've been explained is when you only use your tomahawk (more so than sniper) i kept asking him why it wasn't in the rules and he started verbally abusing me.. A game or 2 later while "Arguing" with him UooU warns me for accusing of hacking etc Which completely blew me out of the water.. (Someone decided to temp ban me with the reason being (come back when you're chill) I joined back and told them that i was gonna talk to the owner of the server and alastair told me that they were all trusted members and that the owner wouldn't believe me hench why im here to try and get some of this sorted i do have the games recorded but its over the course of 5-7 games and frankly i couldn't be arsed to upload them all RN if need be i will take out some time tonight to record them all and edit it all down for time sake.
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