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  1. Alastair / UooU

    oky 1 more time than i am done with this becuse i dont wanne keep argueing about it and it waste my time i got bether things to do 1 oky lets say you dint broke rules becuse thats what your saying it was a warn still i bleave you broke the rules but oky 2 it dont have anything to do with the fact that i tempban you becuse of argueing that you still do over a forum ! thats the hole reason you got tempbanned becuse slash already said in the vid relax and more guys did but you keep it going man if you just stop with it i dint have to tempban you and evrything was oky so whats the big deal now the tempban was right atleast i think that way so your mad about a warn and thats why you make this big of a mess just about a warn that havnt anything to do with me so lets call it a day becuse i am getting tired of this wierd forum report if i call it right . becuse i end it here keep it cool mate and i see you around !
  2. Alastair / UooU

    1 more thing i just wanted to say next time try to get all of the full clips becuse in this 1 becuse i talk 1 time with caps in my hole black ops career i feel i kinda comes over like a asshole that dont feels right if you know what i mean .
  3. Alastair / UooU

    hallo Fleb Intresting first of alastair warn you for the rules thats true after that you keep argue about it over and over again so alot of players did say pls stop with argueing but you didnt so to keep the game for all the other players fun i decided to tempban you becuse you didnt lissen to anything that other players / the admins had to say and i tempban you with the reason come back when your chill / cool of for 30 mins so you woud stop argueing and play the game instead i think that is a reason enough to tempban you if i didnt tempban you a other admin woud do it becuse we have to keep the server fun for all the players in it i hope i can see you again in the server till next time !