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  1. xulirex120 Ban

    Automatic "bans" by being auto-kicked a few times in a tempban, not a ban.
  2. Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

    that's because joey never plaays
  3. Hall of Fame

    I am?
  4. Hello, I'm Proto

    Nigga u can't just say hi and alrdy disappear the day after
  5. Hello, I'm Proto

  6. Unban me pls

  7. Unban

    Unbanned. Don't let it happen again.
  8. xingxa's ban

    After talking with admins, we decided to give you another chance. Your actions will however, be monitored.
  9. cR Clan War Request

    I'm interested. However, we need the people of course. That's going to be an issue. xD
  10. Unban Request

    Guid has been sent through PM. User unbanned;
  11. Unban Request

    We need your GUID to be 100% sure it's you. Can you go to a server and do !self? It should generate a number which is the same within every server. If you PM this number or post the number here, then we can unban you.
  12. Leon Dispute Ban

    Joey will contact u later today. He's not online atm
  13. Will ban dispute

    You'll be unbanned 10 February.
  14. plz unban

    No one would ban for a double kill in killcam