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  1. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    You have 100 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  2. You need at least 150 hours on our server to obtain VIP. You currently have 120 hours.
  3. You have 15 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  4. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    I'm sorry, but one of your VIP requirements is that you need at least 150 hours on our servers. You currently have ~140. You can apply again when you played a little more on our server(s).
  5. And yes, you can not ban/warn/report a higher role. This is to avoid abuse. Higher roles are deemed to be trusted of that role and there shouldn't be a reason to report/warn/ban them.
  6. Hello, I don't believe you should always instantly rush to the middle. If you're moving a little slower and the enemy pushes hard, then you'll be shooting your enemies when for example you are still in the garage or not yet over the middle. That doesn't really actually mean they are camping or not moving. It just means you rather have a slower pace. It's a little hard to judge without any video of the excact situation, but I think it's just a misunderstanding of both sides.
  7. Fyi, VIP's can't ban. VIPs can only tempban. Not doing last nice is always a tempban.
  8. Automatic "bans" by being auto-kicked a few times in a tempban, not a ban.
  9. that's because joey never plaays
  10. Nigga u can't just say hi and alrdy disappear the day after
  11. Maikie61


    Unbanned. Don't let it happen again.
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