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    VIP Request

    I'm accepting your request due to you having a very minimum amount of action logs (kicks, warns, ...) However, please change your attitude. You're extremely rude to newer players. Please obey to the VIP rules and do not put that frustration towards your VIP rights. You should always warn people before kicking them, even on hardscopes. There are a lot of new players these days who just new and still learning how to correctly snipe or people who simply are not aware of the rules yet. I will monitor your action logs and will take actions when required.
  2. Hello everyone, Thank you for the report. I have investigated this case and came to the following conclusion: It seems like you're behavior (ions906) was actually insanely intolerant. Case 1: This happened straight after Xenick kicked you for camping. Case 2: It seems like after you raged at Xenick, you purposely used a forbidden weapon. Since the VIP in question has no rights to tempban, he kept on kicking you, since he assumed you'd just continue breaking the rules. To avoid that, you started changing your name. However, apparently that resulted in: "IGateHays" is the name you changed yours into from "slimp dick". Even after changing name and avoiding the kicks from our VIP, it seemed like you didn't actual care about any of our rules. --------------------------------------------------------- I also have to point out that XeniCK did make a mistake. By checking the kick/warn history it seems that he instantly kicked you without any advance warn. Our VIPs should first make people aware of the rules by warning them before proceeding to kick. --------------------------------------------------------- However, your behavior is completely unacceptable, so XeniCK is not the one to blame here.
  3. Maikie61

    VIP Request

  4. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    I'm sorry, but your kick history shows you use a lot of C4. I have to deny your request for now.
  5. You've been given VIP.
  6. How exactly will this change when you would be VIP?
  7. !adminhelp {reason} in-game gives a notification to the admins on discord. From where they can moderate as well. As the console says, every CMD can be performed on Discord as well, including warning/kicking.
  8. Playtime only changes when you leave. It is calculated based on join/leave dates. So if you perform !playtime at the beginning of your game session and you haven't left the server in 5 hours, then your playtime will remain the same as the beginning of your session, until you leave the server. When you leave and re-join, it will be updated.
  9. You need more playtime on our servers.
  10. It's working fine. . Definately more than 15 hours I said earlier
  11. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    You have 100 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  12. You need at least 150 hours on our server to obtain VIP. You currently have 120 hours.
  13. You have 15 hours played on our servers. For VIP, you need at least 150.
  14. Maikie61

    VIP Request

    I'm sorry, but one of your VIP requirements is that you need at least 150 hours on our servers. You currently have ~140. You can apply again when you played a little more on our server(s).
  15. And yes, you can not ban/warn/report a higher role. This is to avoid abuse. Higher roles are deemed to be trusted of that role and there shouldn't be a reason to report/warn/ban them.
  16. Hello, I don't believe you should always instantly rush to the middle. If you're moving a little slower and the enemy pushes hard, then you'll be shooting your enemies when for example you are still in the garage or not yet over the middle. That doesn't really actually mean they are camping or not moving. It just means you rather have a slower pace. It's a little hard to judge without any video of the excact situation, but I think it's just a misunderstanding of both sides.
  17. Fyi, VIP's can't ban. VIPs can only tempban. Not doing last nice is always a tempban.
  18. Automatic "bans" by being auto-kicked a few times in a tempban, not a ban.
  19. that's because joey never plaays
  20. Nigga u can't just say hi and alrdy disappear the day after
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