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  1. done, thx for accepted ;))
  2. Hello girls and guys. I decide to try to join your team. I play for long time and try to be fair. I m not the best but a lot of you know me. I will be honored to be accepted ^^ I ll try to join discord but you have to know that my english speaking is worst than my written Thank you all to read this apply cya
  3. Phan

    VIP Request

    Hey Joey, thanks for deleting messages
  4. Phan

    VIP Request

    Anything else: Hey y0 all, here my apply to become Vip on HZRD server. I play since so many years I just want to be able, if there is no admin playing, to make rules respected on ffa server.  My english suck ( sry for that )
  5. i will try Joey, cant promise anything I m not sure to be abble
  6. Phan


    Hey there, I m stephane , french Black ops player since severals Year :)) I m 42 years old and got 3 daughters. My english leassons are so far so i ll ask u to be clever with my english ;)) Hope to see a lot of you in games Dont forget eat some frogs
  7. Hey Hzrd members and all readers, Just here to report a player named : 05 Smurf 05 ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856488285/ ) seen on ffa server on 11 am today. I record video in my files if u want to verify. Dont forget, eat some frogs
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