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  1. Yyyyy i uploaded videos. I can say that this guy just does it every game but i cant do anything So i’m here . Can you please do smth with him. Thank you ^^ These videos: #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: #6: I spent much time to do it so i hope you will ban this PERSON.
  2. This guy loves breaking rules, but his favorite is using c4. Idk maybe he has some hacks for it or he s using a bug but he can use c4 without getting the detonator! He also hardscope, camp, sometimes he noscopes manye times etc. I have video proofs of it. Can you please perma ban this shit. /// I dont know why but i can’t upload videos here. Can you guys please send me your facebook or something else. I will send videos there. I have about 7 videos
  3. redactor

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    it’s friend’s troll u know. i got my old tag 5 minutes after
  4. redactor

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    thanks and sorry if i was rude with somebody
  5. redactor

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    Anything else: 1.Why did you close that topic? I didn’t get banned on ffa ever. xD only for using pistol when i do silents 2.I didn’t get into blacklist u just unvipped me because i said “come swmt server” because hzrd console downed but also i didn’t leave the server just someone banned me for 2 hours
  6. Why are you so bad with me? I become hzrd member 1 year ago, but i wanted smth new and i created a clan named x3. I don’t think i was bad member and also i think players can accept it. After i created my own clan i left you guys and asked anti about becoming vip. He helped me and I become “CryForVip”(thank you anti ) I warned “rulebreakers” and i think i was good at that because i’m realy active and kind player . I every day play on Hzrd SnD server and sometimes on FFA. I have good adminstats ( you can check it in the game ) and also i’m not bad player xD. I have more than 3000 hours and i spend many time on hzrd servers. I know that there are realy many “Vips” in Hzrd. They aren’t active!!! Today I asked you guys about Trusted Vip (because i think i deserve it -_-). But you didn’t accept it and now I’m just “Vip”. Anti made me and he said it was Hzrd Team’s choice . I don’t think it’s right choice because I realy love Hzrd! I made many good things for that clan! Why don’t you see it? I hope you’ll think about it guys! Good luck and sorry for bad English!
  7. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I was hzrd member and now I have stats ''CryForVip'' (Thanks anti xD). You can check my !astats in the server and you will see that i'm realy kind :3. I usually play on Hzrd S&D server and sometimes on Hzrd FFA. I think i can be good admin :v
  8. Name : Ivan Steam Name : redactor PREVIOUS CLAN : SoF, FayZne, WeS. AGE : 16 APPLYING FOR : SnD Server Captain
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