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    (il messaggio ban è uguale al messaggio tempban attende 31 minuti e si ricongiunge al server prima di creare un argomento ) Tempbans sono 30 minuti, sei sicuro che questo NON sia un tempban ?: yes Da quale server sei stato bannato? : S&D and FFA Perché sei stato bannato? : when i was WeS leader i didn't realize how wrong was stealing Hzrd members, now i'm really sorry for that (WeS are closed now) Quando sei stato bannato? : April 2018 Fornisci il tuo link al profilo del vapore: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198193590509 Qualunque altra cosa: i'm really sorry for what happened, i behaved badly, i've learned from my mistakes and i would just be able to play again and maybe even join Hzrd if possible, i could also edit videos again like i used to. thank you
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