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    abusing rights vegan and redcore

    Since I think this will follow me until I respond myself, because people sending me the link over and over again, I will respond now. @joeyunlimit "the bans were giving for kicking a hazard member from a hazard server" Thing is, with this statement you give every hzrd member a free shot to abuse rights and let them (for example) kick the whole server empty without letting anyone be able to do something about it. In the time where the member kicks the server empty (still an example), someone contacts "an higher ranked admin to come", but the server is already empty. See the issue here? So no one can do something if something goes really chaotic. "vegan raged" I raged at no single time. Someone raged at me, and this deserves a kick if not a tempban if continued, specially for members and people playing every day on the server (cause they should know the rules, right?) So obviously no warns beforehand. If this is against your rules, then go for your ban. But you'll find nobody saying the oposite is the right way to go, since every active player on the server knows Gregpipe is the issue here, raging 24/7 to people. Try it, find someone. And this is the point here, I had my arguements with Alastiar too in the past, but he never went too far that I could do something. Gregpipe in the other end, does it non-stop. Beginning with insulting, over trashtalking to me and my whole clan, up to spreading around fake information & material to let people think I'd hack. So, if you really think I give this guy 3 warns and if nothing happens I contact an higher ranked admin (which is only zily for me), then no, ban me then. Of course I kick instantly and if continued I tempban. Just like I did here. I contacted "higher ranked admins" around 87243723487237483244732847823 times, and nothing happened. No seriously, I lost track after 30 times reporting this guy. (The higher ranked admin in my case is Zily btw.) Since, either I don't know any other, or they just don't accept my invite. "its absolutely childish to kick for respect" Don't see what's childish there. Maybe after reading my little text even less. (because of the milion times of reporting and the knowledge of 24/7 raging) Everyone would do, and I would do it again since it's deserved. I don't want anything now, just do me favor and do some research of your members. Ask around, in the community, anywhere, you will learn within seconds how Gregpipe stands to the community and you will understand my acting. You can still protect your opinion of banning me for this, it's just for the understanding purpose. It's like I said, everyone would do - especially on this guy. "this is not the first he did something like this" At first, I thought you meant Redcore, since I didn't feel mentioned at all. After reading more I realized you actually meant me. Well, I leave it as it is now. Let's just not focus on me for a second. Maybe focus to the actual main issue here. Glassy noticed it as well. Why punishing only me then, why not Gregpipe? He did the exact same thing. Is he allowed to just because he's a member? Has he any special rights? No ban nor rights taken? Let's take the example I'd have abused my rights more than once. Maybe twice or even more - Okay, ban deserved I guess. And why not Gregpipe after doing it hundrets of times more often than me or others. Strange. I recommend talking more to active people before making such a descision. I think not only me would appreciate this. Thanks, peace.