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  1. Hello, i am following this post since the beginning and there are a few words i would like to say. First of all i would like people who didn't take part in the accident just to be quiet. If they have any other problems with gregpipe they can make a new Post. Another thing is that several people on this post (friends of vegan) are grouping up against gregpipe. I was there when all this happend i can tell that what he did was all right. Joeyunlimit says aswell that they have the logs who prove that gregpipe is not the one guilty. There were some people who mentioned something to the topic like Glassy who says that Satan is a random guy. Logs and people can prove that it was Vegan's smurf. As for Seior's text why should any admin be calm when someone says just ignor him. It was his right as Admin to tell them what they did wrong (he was so kind and tell them and didnt insteand warned them) . He shouldnt get andy harsch anwsers back from some mere vips. The whole situation went out of hand while every friend of Vegans thinks to tell something bad about greg. So i do the opposite. He is a friendly person who does not goes comform with everyone but trys to be an activ admin on the server to help with questions or warn/kick/ban right abusers. He is not against any group (maybe they are against him and argue him on purpose) or any other person on the server. I never had any problems with him and only saw him as good activ admin on the server. If there are any questions to the incident feel free to contact me privat. I am sorry for any gramatical mistake. I wish everyone a good weekend Sir*Demo
  2. today the 30th November Kaml Moap tryed to switch the map on the Hzrd server to a DLC map while around 17 people where on the server. I told him that its not allowed and switched it to summit. A map later he shot on purpose 2 enemys with an rpg from behind. all this was around 23:45 and 23:55. i would appreciate if not everyone who asks for vip gets it. this example shows that not everyone fits to get rights on the server. i wish everyone a good weekend Demo
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