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    Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    I think we are grown up and can respect others a little more on Server. talk about everything and look for a solution. Instead of getting directly aggressive and insulting players.
  2. MoaP

    Introduction Kaml Moap

    Hello im Andreas steamname KAML | MoaP (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023805892/home) im 30 years old and came from Germany I play BlackOps since it Starts and the the Hazard Servers are my favourites <3 I think people know me ;D to the other nice 2 meet u all !
  3. MoaP

    Kaml/moap: Admin Abuse

    As well as Tanya said to gregpipe I will not comment on Elmos post not based on facts but only on empty claims. I know Elmo was always not good to talk to me unfortunately I dont know why. I would like to say something about the current conflict for me it was not a camp. When I said it would not be a camp I was immediately attacked and insulted that's why I kicked him 4 bad language it was not without reason as tanya did. Also, as seen in the video, it was not more than 5 seconds at this place. I think that many people warn or kick only if you dont rush. I strive to be a good vip and kick or warn not outrage or without reason and try follow the rules. sorry for my bad englisch yours sincerely MoaP