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  1. I am disappointed that my post had no effect. I think my records are a clear he break 3x times in a row the rules. thats the fact doesnt matter if he provoke me or not.
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    Report VIP

    ty 4 answer Anti but the rule arent confusing its sweet how u protect some players like redcore in the post before. the rule is 1 ns per map not 1 ns kill this has always been the case. and all mostly all admins warn 4 that its nothing new.
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    Report VIP

    Hi all, I need 2 report Yakeen cause hes 3x in a row NS and after i type !ns and then yakeen.....(cause I cant him warn ) to show him friendly what he do wrong he warned me 4 late spawn in next round. I try 2 talk to him but he said I dont care and he was right. I uploaded 2 records of the game first yakeen ns and second when he warned me (but the warn wasnt seen in theater but i think joey or legit can see it in the protocol of console 03.07.2019 14:47 UTC+2 ) if i was late i apologize and upload direct records of yakeen when he "late spawn/camp" cause he do to add insult to injurny. (sorry 4 bad enslisch) Sorry i know this maybe a trifle but i want 2 show it cause many trusted VIP atm not follow the rules but warned other player for it.
  4. he was not longer waiting than 4 seconds???? its like 10 sec in first clip sorry but it isnt the truth maybe watch again the clips im not sensetive about camping but he play like this most of time.
  5. Hey guys, i need 2 report Swmt | redcore cause he camp all time and i cant warn/kick him (cause hes trusted VIP and im only VIP). I tried to talk to him but no reaction and it was not the first time thats he do this shit. He know the rules but he ignore it and noone warn/kick him (many trusted VIP and admins was at this time on Server) so he camp again and again. I think noone want believe this. So i uploaded now not 1 rather 3 examples (i can give u alot more) how he was playin in hope that someone take his rights away. P.S. he has more than 1 Account. Sorry 4 bad Quality and shortness of the Videos but my Internet is very bad. https://youtu.be/fgmoWx1BQ6g https://youtu.be/LbU51dLnDqg https://youtu.be/3fa8HcmBazw
  6. I think we are grown up and can respect others a little more on Server. talk about everything and look for a solution. Instead of getting directly aggressive and insulting players.
  7. Hello im Andreas steamname KAML | MoaP (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023805892/home) im 30 years old and came from Germany I play BlackOps since it Starts and the the Hazard Servers are my favourites <3 I think people know me ;D to the other nice 2 meet u all !
  8. As well as Tanya said to gregpipe I will not comment on Elmos post not based on facts but only on empty claims. I know Elmo was always not good to talk to me unfortunately I dont know why. I would like to say something about the current conflict for me it was not a camp. When I said it would not be a camp I was immediately attacked and insulted that's why I kicked him 4 bad language it was not without reason as tanya did. Also, as seen in the video, it was not more than 5 seconds at this place. I think that many people warn or kick only if you dont rush. I strive to be a good vip and kick or warn not outrage or without reason and try follow the rules. sorry for my bad englisch yours sincerely MoaP
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