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  1. Anything else: Before you guys instantly say "we dont give trusted vip anymore" hear me out quickly. While playing the last days i noticed that alot of rulebreakers played (mainly wrong gun, equipments etc). Eventho they were kicked by me or other vips we had no way to tempban them. And there were no Hzrd admins on. I would like to request trusted vip to be able to tempban. Have a nice Christmas and a nice new year whoever may read this (i guess joey? :)) PS: Feel free to add me again if you want to discuss stuff, i am open to talk. Ah and quick feedback. New console works good but admins are not shown as online, and cant be listed by !admin. Cheers Anti
  2. Anything else: URL to sec acc: second account
  3. Upload them on youtube and post a link
  4. And also in this report, i clearly have to say that i warned redcore not to do it again, and a trusted vip will not instantly lose its rights. There is a reason why ppl are trusted and not just vips. There is a certain trust in them and if they break Rules we talk to them, warn them for their wrong doing and keep an eye on them. Just saying we are doing nothing is bs you cant expect me to remove everyones rights for one mistake
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    @MoaP i dont protect yakeen here! Look at this screenshot from our discord in april. This is from the Hzrd Admin group and it was always kills!
  6. AntiZKilll

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    Hey Moap The ns rule is a little confusing sometimes, but it doesnt mean ns shots rather than ns kills. He is totally fine doing multiple ns after another as long as he doesnt kill more than 1 person with that ns. So i dont see an admin abuse here. And in the last video you are late'ish, so a warn is not needed but also not an abuse. Hope i could clear up the rule a little bit.
  7. Hey Cap, i can understand that ppl wasting time is annoying, and i appreciate you being honest. I think a tempban for it is a little too much. A warn would have done the job eventually, who knows. If #2 was a rulebreak its perfectly fine to warn and afterwards kick him. Reporting/calling warns admin abuse is also a little to hard, as it not even interferes with the other player. Talking about #3 the tone on the servers tend to be way to aggresive and filled with insults. I witnessed both legacy and flyhigh to being passive aggressive about stuff (last screenshot legacy even calls someone faggot). As said before legacy is no vip and he is free in speech, but both of the players should be respectful to each other or all other players. If possible hunting should provide video so we could clear things up, but on #1/#3 i would say this discussion is over. Capone pls be patient in situations like this or let me know so i can either do it myself or talk to them.
  8. Hey Moap, thx for letting us know. But appearently all of these clips are from the same round, and it looks like redcore is trying to provoke you with that. He hardscopes, but he doesnt kill anyone. I had a long discussion with him before because i also accused him for camping. But he was right, he is usually not waiting longer than 4 seconds. He is open about his accounts as he even has a steam group linked to all his accounts and he is trusted vip for a reason. I talk to him...
  9. Your reapply was only 8 days apart. If we say you should play longer and apply later this means you need to play way more than 8 days.
  10. AntiZKilll

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    Anything else: Abusing right by warning people with reasons like #gaylord.
  11. Hazard made this decision and we will stick with it. You say you love Hazard but still you didn't want to stay in our clan. Your choice, but for now you will be "just" VIP. When some time has passed we might rethink this, lets see what the future will bring.
  12. Just a short answer to what you are saying and maybe to defend myself here. I was away from black ops for a good 2 months and ofc i can only see the rare amount of chats between you and other persons when i am on. I never meant to insult you neither did i say you are insulting others. I noticed that the whole community reacts more salty on rulebreakers and from your reaction to Moaps "admin abuse" i feel alot of heat in the discussions. I know you quite well from alot of play session but i am not one of your friends, thats true. So i am sorry if i accused you of wrong behavior or was just incorrect from my observations. I just try to be unbiased and always open for discussions like this. Thanks for taking the time to detail your concerns about all this. feel free to add me in steam if you want a more personal conversation if there is still something that bothers you about me or other admins. See you on the Server, always like to see you there
  13. I want to say a little word to both Moap and Tanya. I dont want to see people kicking each other with stupid reasons because they have to fight about a camper spot. I agree that this spot causes a lot of problems and depending on the time you sit there it is indeed camp. 5 seconds is a reasonable time to wait but longer will always count as camping. I am no friend of brainless rushing from spawn to spawn but i hate campers the same as every other player. Regarding this situation betwenn Moap and Tanya i have to say that Tanya is basically right with Moaps behavior. I know him well enough (imo) that he can behave well on the servers but i also know that he can tend to overreact or making fun about stuff like this. But i also think that Tanya behaves really rude lately. Why is it needed to be salty against everyone. I would appreciate a fair behavior against everyone. To sum this up, I took Moaps VIP rights for now, not as a punishment but to rethink the decision of giving him rights in the first place and will discuss this further with Elmo. I am currently not sure how to fix this camper situation but in general i am on the same page as Elmo and Speedy. TLDR: Took Moaps rights for now, agree with Elmo.
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