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  1. also its on search and destroy i got banned sorry
  2. Thank you if u want i can send a screen of proof that i dont have a vac ban of bo1 its from team fortress
  3. i do not have a vac ban on black ops i have a vac ban on another game and im banned of the server for no reason.. pls help me out
  4. (ban message is the same as the tempban message wait 31mins and rejoin the server before making a topic) Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is NOT a tempban?: What server were you banned from? :FFA Why were you banned? : they said my final kill wasnt a nice kill i did a 360 no scope and i got banned when i won the game When were you banned? : i just got banned 30 mins ago Provide your steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139380520/ Anything else: i didnt know how i got banned i hope i get unbanned because this is my favorite server pls
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