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  1. For me it is a no, i simply don't agree with the statement 'give them a second chance', and after i banned you and asked too go on site and do a ban dispute. You went the next day on the server with another account hoping i would't notice.
  2. Hope

    Unban Request

    You were banned for inviting from Hzrd FFA along time ago, but also letting someone else who is banned in Hzrd for different reasons play on your account. Before we unban you we need to be 100% sure you'll be the only one playing on your account, no one else.
  3. Lately, alot people use that. And that's not really good proof, there's no more thing we can dispute.
  4. Since you have prestige 0 and and privete account i asume you are not playing on your Main account, you've also a VAC 7days ago. If you can show that the account you played on is your Main account, i will unban you.
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