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  1. Name: Febe STEAM NAME: C4nnib4ler STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/C4nnib4ler/ PREVIOUS CLANS: RX, MwC, x3, HZRD AGE: 18 APPLYING FOR: FFA Server CAPTAIN
  2. Anything else: About me: Call me Febe, iam 19 y/o and iam from Germany ( lake of constance )
  3. Anything else: The other 2 Accounts are being deleted by steam! i had 2. So iam gonna try to Re Apply as an official Member of Hazard Gaming, in my last Apply, i told u something about me, like where do i come from, name, age and why i want to join and yh :D. Gonna say it again if there are any questions just dont be shy and ask me something :) I am Sorry if the English is bad :/ Iam Wishing you all a good day or night ^^ yours sincerlys Cannibal a.K.a Febe :)
  4. Hey there Hazard Community Just gonna try to apply as a member in Hazard. About me: All of you can call me Febe, iam just 19 years old and iam From Germany ( GER ), ( near lake of constance ) , Iam just playing Black ops since 8 years, started playing on console ( Xbox 360, One / Playstation 3, 4 ) just changed from console to PC 3 years ago, and started up sniping there too again pls dont wonder about my profile ( ITS JUST NEW! ) cause i got an VAC on my old accounts, but i didnt hacked !! its a longer story, so if anyone want to know, just ask me.. i will tell you ^^ believe it or not lol. Iam Only playing FFA - I love FFA !! ( exception: there is a clan war or tournament ) Why i want to join Hazard: I wanna join it, to get new connections to have some fun with nice people, help everyone if there are some problems, and to help to get the HZRD Community bigger Iam an really active player! iam Everyday online (exception: If i visit my Wife) at the weekends. I am a very open person! iam helpfully and and and. so dont be shy ^^ Wishing all of you the best! ours sincerely Febe a.K.a Cannibal
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