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  1. Codeine

    VIP Request

    WELL its been a month since my last request where i got rejected for various kicks/warns during a month. Since then i obeyed the rules and didn't do shit against them. THATS ALL I GOT TO TELL HAVE A NICE DAY THO
  2. Codeine

    VIP Request

    Uh my request was left unnoticed
  3. Codeine

    VIP Request

    Basically, I want to get VIP on hzrd, because i would definetely help to maintain server. I know a lot of players and I think, I have a pretty good reputation:)
  4. Codeine

    VIP Request

    Anything else: I'm active player on S&D server, I think I'll do my role as VIP:)
  5. Codeine

    VIP Request

    Anything else: I've been playing on your servers for couple months, I know the rules and commands
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