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  1. Hey joey, what is wrong with you? I lost my trusted vip today, can you at least give notice with the reason why? Maybe we could talk a bit about it before you remove it? Or are you going to say like all your admins? «I’m not gonna arg with you» Well, as you’re not willing to talk, i’ll help you. Oh,I forgot, i post this topic in public, as far i’m concerned, i think everyone is concerned by what happened. You know, this kind of problem is very common in your community. Well, let's theorize the reason for my "punishment" Joey, i think you’ve already heard the name ‘Opti,Vulture’ Some naive players think they’re brother, as vulture/optic said. Well i think that is a big deceit, again a troll from him. I hope you know it, that guy and all his group are trollers, and come into your server only to troll and annoy others players, ruining their fun to play. Apparently, elmo knows that well, his yesterday's sentence for trollers: ‘We know you come here just to troll’ So one of those trollers took my name/Clan tag in game. Surely in the goal to annoy a trusted vip, it perfectly worked. Elmo told me to ignore them? Seriously, do you think I'm going to let a toxic, rule-breaking player ruin my image in the game? You think I wouldn't mind if some people i know thought i was a toxic kid, when I'm not even playing? I asked him kindly to remove his tag, he was still trolling, i kicked him then tempbanned him, elmo didn’t agree and anti tells me that you say it is an admin abuse. But what can i do if he is still using my name/tag? I won’t ignore him, as i said. And why should i report him on the forum? I mean, i’m trusted vip, it's my job to maintain a good atmosphere in the server, that everyone respects themselves. If someone intentionally bother a player, it’s my job to warn/kick him then tempban if he continues. That guy intentionally disturbed me, i did my job. If he had taken the name/tag of someone else than me, i would have react exactly as i did. It's a huge disrespect to take a player's nickname and tag, in order to troll with it. Asking me to go and talk about it on the forum while I'm doing my job, makes absolutely no sense according to your own hierarchy. After everything I just explained, how can you think that the tempban was not legitimate? Did you at least think about that before you took my trusted vip away from me? Why would u punish the admin who makes his job, rather than the group of trollers who annoy everyone, everytime? I could take many examples of the things which are wrong in your server. Why would u take away the legacy’s vip for insults toward admin, while some of admins also insult other players? (Hello Slickz,Maskedman,greg,Goodevil...) Why would u set a rule about late, while some hzrd players are often late? (Hello Legit one,hanki..) Not gonna waste my time, i think you know well what is wrong in your server. Appart the lack of sens in those rules, at least try to make it respected by everyone.
  2. There is a bigger problem, i forgot the screen:
  3. Hello mates This morning, i got a little misunderstanding with Alreigh (Hzrd member) The problem is not the problem anymore, it has been solved Notwithstanding, i’d like to know your opinions to clarify some things The question is, what is an admin abuse? As you can see on the screenshot below, Alreigh describes it as a warn/kick in order to get fun with friends His own words: “fun kicking fun warning kicking warning for friend” That could explains why he hasn’t warned a friend who insulted him, it would be an admin abuse. But the bigger problem is, if an admin warns/kicks a random player for him, with a fake reason, that wouldn’t be an admin abuse, cause they aren’t friends, and that’s not for fun, right? By understanding this, I wonder if the overall problems of admin abuses between x players/higher role players only happen because the higher role players (Most are obviously members) don’t have the same definition of “admin abuse” than the most x players? I may have discover the secret, that would explain why some x players are getting warned by higher roles for 0.05 secs late! That’s okay, because it is not an admin abuse, admin abuse is only a fun warn/kick with friends for them. Or, that could explain why some admins can insult each other without getting any warns, it’s obvious,warn friend=Admin abuse Also explains why x players get warns for the same thing, it is not an admin abuse I think I solved the biggest problem on this game actually, give me your opinions See ya!
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