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  1. And Greggy, I followed you once on Grid. I have never followed you other than that one time. If you think of me as a liar, then it should be easy enough to look through my recent games and find a clip of me breaking the rules. Also I didn't even block you on Grid, I just stopped up and faced you, and you did the same to me. Also, I'm not saying I have never annoyed you. I have, and again I'm trying not to do that anymore. I don't know if you have noticed, but the last many times you have been insulted, it hasn't been me, even though I have been on the server while it has happened. And it also seems like you have some intense hatred towards me. I have no idea where it comes from, but I have always felt that you have disliked me, even before I was annoying you on the server. I don't know you, never really spoken to you neither. Can't you just get over me, and stop taking everything so serious?
  2. Yep. I will try to ignore them, because that's the only thing I can really do tbh. Thank you for your reply Joey.
  3. I don't want to argue with you Greg, and I might have gotten it wrong. I've just heard from players who have accused me of hacking, that it originally came from you. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong.
  4. Okay, so apparently a lot of Hzrd admins believe I'm a hacker. I can't do anything about that, nor do I intend to prevent your freedom of opinion. I do however strongly dislike preventing me from having fun, based on your subjective beliefs that holds no evidence to back it up. Today I was playing on Hzrd Search & Destroy as I often do. After performing well in a couple of rounds, I was met with accuses of being a cheater from the player Sizz. I didn't think much of it, but as he started to give me a foundation of his beliefs, it started to frustrate me. Sizz's "hatred" towards me, comes from the Hzrd clan. I have never spoken to Sizz, and I have never had a problem with him. I messaged him after the incident, and I was met with this response: [6:48 PM] sizz: what? [6:48 PM] Jamaika: Hey. First of all I don't blame you for thinking of me as a cheater. Apparently a lot of players do. I just want to know, what it is you believe I'm cheating with? [6:49 PM] sizz: I don't care about you shiva boi, bye have fun [6:52 PM] Jamaika: But why this hatred? I have never spoken to you, nor have you spoken to me. I don't know who you are at all, yet you have displayed nothing but hatred to me on the server. I can't do anything about what you believe of me, but don't you think it's a but much to confront me in such a way, when you have no idea what you are even talking about? The only way I can stop you from thinking of me as a cheater, is to perform bad on purpose, which I have already had to do multiple times, because I'm afraid of what the Hzrd players will do. They nor you have the experience of someone who's "pro" at sniping... Apparently. If they did, they wouldn't think of me as a cheater. After that, Sizz blocked me. I'm not trying to put Sizz into a bad position, because again he can believe whatever he wants. All I'm asking, is for the Hzrd admins to stop calling me a hacker. I have played this game for more than 5.000 hours... I have never cheated, nor will I ever cheat. You can think whatever you want, but please don't infect other people's opinions with your own, if it's nothing but subjective hypocrisy. I'm playing this game to have fun. My life is busy. I work, study, etc. When I play this game, I do it to put all the stress behind me. Just for a little while. It's hard to have fun, when I'm facing hatred from players I do not know, based on beliefs I can't change. I have had my drama with Greggy, and I'm sorry for whatever I have said. That's why I'm not talking to him anymore, even when he is being unfair in my own opinion. I just respect what he thinks, and try not to let it ruin the fun I have. It is starting to ruin my fun though... So I'm asking you to either ban me, for whatever reasons you see fit. Or, let me play and stop accusing me of cheating. Or at least stop making other players think of me as a cheater. All the players who has come to me, and accused me of cheating have all been linked to Greggy and his assumptions, and now it's been circling around the entire community. Anyways. Thank you for reading.
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