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  1. iGReeeZz

    VIP Request

    Anything else: It's been a year since I last applied. Still show loyalty to the severs.
  2. iGReeeZz

    VIP Request

    That's the point. I wasn't somewhere in bushes or behind walls. I was on the doorstep at Nuketown. The maximum amount of time I was stationary was no more than 5 seconds. I must admit I was warn for camp in the beginning of my playing on your servers where it was correct, but not now. By saying "kids" I meant other VIPs, not HZRD admins.
  3. iGReeeZz

    VIP Request

    Hello there! Thank you for your time in answering to my request. After re-reading the rules there's no clear definiton or explanation about camping on your servers. When somebody runs through the whole map to enemy's base and gets killed there, so then kids with authority start warning you, because they got killed. You see the result, not the reason. Anyway, I hope your servers will continue to grow and become more popular in the future ;)
  4. iGReeeZz

    VIP Request

    Anything else: Just want to be a trusted person to maintain good behaviour and rules adherence on your FFA and SND servers at all times, especially when nobody's available.
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