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  1. Optimus

    Ban Dispute

    Yea, I already apologised about that and will try to not be that rude and immature anymore. I was just acting impetuously and I feel really sorry if I made you mad or angry at any moments. I just want to play with my friends again and I have been quiet for some days as I deserved this ban for all this weeks and really feel sorry about what I did. I was trying to have fun and play with some friends but if this ban gets lifted, I wont act this way anymore and be more respectful towards hzrd admins. Sorry about all I did and now that I think about it, I see your point of view and give you all the rights to be mad at me. Hope you understand and sorry about that again.
  2. Optimus

    Ban Dispute

    Oh, dear Gregg, on that moment, I was talking to Spudd as you can see in the picture since no one was playing in your hzrd server and my friends and I wanted him to come so I came to the server and told him to join us so we could play DOM or any other game modes that hzrd does not have available. I never told to all players to join SnR server and I am not even member anymore so why would I want them to leave hzrd server? Anyways, I was talking to Spudd, Gregg.
  3. Anything else: I would like to apologise to all hzrd members that felt "disrespected" and say that I just wanted to have fun with some friends but they just took it waaay too serious and banned me which I see totally fine and I admit I deserved it and that's why I have not claimed nothing since now because I knew I deserved to be banned for some weeks. I would also like to ask this hzrd community or just you, Joey, to please lift my permban and say that I am really sorry for that childish behaviour, I know some admins were or still are saying that I broke lots of rules but I would like to know which of them I broke as a proof but also as a reminder to what not do in this christian server. My deepest apologies and hope all this can be solved soon and we can all see rainbows and unicorns again. Yours sinceresly, this fag. P.D: I just remember that I used to kill people with tomahawk and t-bag my enemies joking, if I broke any other rules, please remind me as I dont know the exact reason. Thank youu.
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