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  1. Red~

    Hello, I'm Proto

    BWAHAHA Whats up buddy! Need to catch up man
  2. Were you prevously banned for something? Depending on that, to what it was if nothing serious your new account can be unbanned since it is now your account and not sharing
  3. Avoding your original ban by using a different/second account is instant perm pan. Instead of trying to avoid it, could have contacted us on here explaining what happened instead of making it longer. Review will go into further. Joey has final say
  4. Red~

    Intro :)

    Tips to gain XP : you're goign to spend a lot of hours on it, lol.
  5. Red~

    Unban request

    I dont remember if it was me, since it was so long ago. Will have to wait till Joey shows reason and chats
  6. you kinda just showed that you still cant handle it. I dont know your age, but even saying "the truth will get you so far" and yet you came here saying you just started playing When really you left because you couldn't handle a simple admin power. Almost as bad as uprox of saying you will be calm, when in reality you will either be stoned, drunk, having a bad day and just flip out again. You've already lied, and just lied now, so why wouldnt you lie again
  7. Red~

    Sphynx Intro

    Welcome Sphynx, I normally only play weekends. Hope to see you around
  8. Red~

    xingxa's ban

    People change but not so drastically. For being that disrespectful, while even being a former member is completely uncalled for and you know better mad or not. Simplest rules to follow. If you do get unbanned and yet still to not follow the rules in any way or form you will be re-banned and never unbanned. (if joey unbans you for this)
  9. Red~

    Audio's Ban.

    Was your older name Uprox?
  10. "bad admins dont deserve respect" which is tru it should be earned" Agreed and bad admins, admin should and will be removed from them. But the kill at the end wasn't really special I find. Which should have only been a TempBan not a ban.
  11. Red~

    Hzrd Last Nice

    Begging doesn't help. Application is: Declined You currently have 2 other applications for the exact same thing and Joey has already told you to stop. It is not hard to follow very simple rules that we have on our server, and its your fault for not following them and thinking there will be no consequences. Joey: "reply to your previous ban dispute or you will be banned on the site too , do not make new topics." (Other ban Apps) http://hazardsniping.com/topic/34-hzrd-ban-last-nice/| http://hazardsniping.com/topic/39-ban-application-numero-2/
  12. Don't second guess your self, if they aren't following the rules towards last nice just kick them. Don't feel bad or sad because of it since its their fault because i can guarantee everyone does know our rules! If you are a bad admin trust we we would know because we do look at console to what people say in chat. Also if you where bad and abusive you wouldn't have admin any longer, but you still do. Just think about why you are kicking a person. Last nice is very understandable, but if they are 'Disrespecting you' take your time try not to get mad and really think. Are they actually disrespecting you? or are you just taking it harder since you have admin and you're able to kick him and that would be so much easier, but then that can cause bad things Also if they lag while they do last night, well that is their fault
  13. Red~


    Hey hows a going, and welcome! Hope to see yeah around on the servers
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