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  1. No but seriously: Know him for a while now and I'm convinced that he would be a good choice for the VIP captain. He isn't involved in any conflicts with players, knows the sniping community very good and also the rules. No negative point in my opinion. F1
  2. After he spent 30min on discord, trying to convince me of why he's a good VIP captain: Make him VIP Daddy of Hzrd, +1 from me.
  3. Additional: Gregy himself, as all players and the chatlog will proof you said that there are no rules on this server.
  4. Hello everyone. I created this topic to 1) Dispute my ban on the Hzrd Tournament Server and 2) Clear things up, what actually happened and why - In my opinion - the ban is totally inappropriate. Since we all had some players on the Hzrd Tournament server, we decided to spontaneously do a fun 1v1 tournament. We had several people on the server (Greggy, Me, Vulture, Seven, Gribou, Blue). Before the start of the matches, we were ALL f**** around. Which means, we were all warning each other for stupid/ useless reasons - as a joke. Even the only Hzrd Member/ Admin Greggy was f**** around and warned me first for "Gay Boy" or something. I was just curious to know if I'm also able to kick on that server, which I thought I'm not - So I kicked greggy for fun, as we all did before, he rejoined and was totally fine with the kick. He was fine with the kick cuz he knew it was just fun, he was also f*** around - AGAIN! Then we had the 1st 1v1 match between greggy and me. I won the game and just played it for fun. He was trying really hard and got so mad that he texted me on steam, that I apparently sprayed all time and people (spectators) were ghosting his locations to me on steam. I mean, if greggy starts to shoot from the top window, it's pretty clear where he is, hm? No need for ghosting. But ye, I laughed, cuz the fact that he accused me of spraying and ghosting was just so hilarious to me in that moment. Everyone on the server can approve that it did not happen and he was just mad. He even rq'd pretty soon after the game. When I/ we all later left the server we weren't even thinking that sth like that could happen, cuz again - It all was a joke. Also again: greggy, as "role model" of hzrd at that time, was just randomly warning me for gay boy? As a result I kicked him for fun and that got me permabanned? That makes 1) no sense at all and 2) shows how the logic of hzrd rules and ban organization is working. Does not make any sense to me or any other people I talked to. Black Ops 1 is a dying game and we all try our best to keep server alive and support as admin, which I do on S&D all time! So please do not tell me now, that cuz of that "fucking around" I do not support the server. Also 3) why does it even result in a permban on the server and not just remove my rights on the server? I would love to hear some feedback, cuz neither greggy told me something. Joey removed me from steam. All that seems so weird and strange to me. No worries, I won't bite you. Just explain me your thoughts and logic please, Ty Best, Hunt
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    VIP Request

    Anything else: Copy + Paste from my 1st post since nothing changed since then ^^ : Leader of UUS and Co-Founder of the Black Ops Competetive League. Playing Hzrd (SnD) pretty much every day (Ranked #3 atm). Experienced a lot of situations where I've been playing/ being on the server without any admin available. So things like warns/ kicks or map-requests couldn't be proceeded - I will help out with that Nope, that's not a translated text using google, joey xD
  6. Hunting

    Report VIP

    Clearing up the rule would definitely help @AntiZKilll. I experienced several times, that I‘v been warned for doing more than 1 noscope, when I didnt even try to kill somebody. Especially making admins/ VIPs aware of it would help a lot. I feel like most of them don‘t even know the rule, so how should the players know..
  7. The mentioned game on WMD is saved to my file share in BO1. I just checked the video, but the !tb in chat doesn't show up. But @joeyunlimit, you should be able to see it in the console/ chatlog. Also if u spec FlyHigh in that game, you gonna notice, that he suddenly "leaves" the lobby, after the round has ended. In combination with the screenshot I provided should proof it. #1 You did not say you would tb him because of "time wasting". The reason for the tb - according to you - was that he did not follow your rule, which was defusing the bomb, so your clan mate Legacy is able to play another round to get more kills. "It is not in the rules so was a bit hard on it with the tempban I'll agree". Now you agree, that you were a bit hard with the tempban, since I made a report on the website? When I asked you in game after you !tb'd him, you were fully concinved/ confident with your action, which can be seen in the chat on the following map. Also when FlyHigh joined the game again, after his tb ended, you asked him if he is mad about the ban. I did not see any regret there. #2 After you !tb'd him, we almost had full server on hzrd. Some ppl mentioned hs/ camp and ns abuse in chat. It seems a bit strange to me, that you just warned FlyHigh for a spray, twice in a row. You sure it was not meant to bully him? #3 I just involved Legacy into this report, cause the whole situation just arosed because of Legacys action. He got killed on purpose to make FlyHigh defuse the bomb - which you supported by threatening FlyHigh with a tb.
  8. Reason for the VIP Report: With this post I would like to report various cases of admin abuse of the player Swmt | Capone. Background: S&D on the Hzrd server (07/02/2019). WMD. Score 2:3. In each of the two teams, one player was alive - 1v1. The player in the enemy team (Swmt | Legacy) deliberately let himself be killed to play another round - assuming that the player UUS | FlyHigh (my team) defuses the bomb. But FlyHigh did not do that - which he does not have to do, acc. to the rules. It is not a duty to have to do this. After he didn't defuse the bomb, the game ended with 2:4. The result: the player Swmt | Capone !tb UUS | FlyHigh because he did not follow Legacy's/ Capone's "request". A clear case of admin abuse. Later in the next games, the player UUS | FlyHigh got warned several times for spray of Capone. I recorded the games - no sprays were done by FlyHigh. There were also insults from Swmt players against other players / clans. !Tb of [UUS]FlyHigh by Swmt | Capone for not defusing the Bomb #1 Warn for Spray without any reason #2 Warn for Spray without reason + Insulting by Swmt | Legacy The goal of an Admins / VIP can not be to establish their own rules and, if these are not respected, to ban players for it. Just because Capone / Legacy commands players to defuse the bomb, they can't just ban people if they don't follow this "task"!
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    VIP Request

    pretty sure I can ^^
  10. Hunting

    VIP Request

    Anything else: Leader of UUS and Co-Founder of the Black Ops Competetive League. Playing Hzrd (SnD) pretty much every day (Ranked #2). Experienced a lot of situations where I'Ve been playing/ being on the server without any admin available. So things like warns/ kicks or map-requests couldn't be proceeded - I will help out with that
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