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  1. Today we learn we should all respect the rules (kinda). Good luck with your next adventures. Too bad joey thought I was insulting him. He called me a rager, I called him a rager. It's insulting when a member replies the same way to an admin, I see. So this way we all will get punished by hypocrisy instead of rules sometimes. Instead of following the rules I propose to carry around a bunny's paw or a four-leaf-clover whenever we enter the server. Ciao, man!
  2. Wow. I take my time and energy to give you feedback and this is how you treat someone when they do. And yeah, I'm really so dumb that I post detailed (respectful) criticism risking a permanent ban or whatever while I wasn't even temp banned (just kicked, right?). And no, I don't even think he kicked me constantly, but your server probably restarted to solve the lag. So, yup thats totally asking to be let off the hook. You really comprehended this situation so well. Again: The kick punishment was accepted beforehand. It's not even a small deal. I can't even call it meh. Though, I think it's a bit harsh to players to let loose a raging fake admin upon them trying to PERMANENTLY ban people when the rule says Temp Ban. Again: Rule says TEMP BAN. Fake admin says BAN FOREVAAA Rule says: Temp Ban. Vip guy says: FOREVAHHHH. Another addition for why it's wrong is especially since the reason was bullshit --> vip member pretneding to be an admin rages because he couldn't hit a trickshot which he was gonna miss anyway cuz of lag. And he wants to permanently ban someone for this. Are we 12??? How can you even ignore this, joey? And his permanent ban (by word, not by setting) being caused by his own rage is showing how much power-crazed your vip is. What kind of guy pretends to be an admin? Come on... Check out the video: he invokes the "listen to admins" rule. I shouldnt have listened to him anyway, because he isn't an admin and me coming back is also justified by your standards). There are so many instances where he is being faulty and to top it off he wants ME to follow the rules when he makes up rules for himself which is in total contrast with the rules list you put there. That was another problem I was describing. How hard is it to understand this? So, his errors - really, really simplified: - Permanent Banning By word. Maybe by action later. I cannot know as I do not have a list of real admins and fake ones. Especially since pretending to be an admin is allowed as I'm seeing right now. Me writing this makes me have a greater risk, too, since you can't deal with criticism. - Pretending to be an admin Wow, it's also being justified by the highest admin here. How serious are you? How much crap will you try to wave away to be right? - Ignoring the rules and trying to make me respect them. One word: Hypocrisy. 10/10. P.S. I've been in your server and of others. I know exactly what kick, temp ban and permanent ban means. I know about the half hour. I have enough experience with your server to tell you something about it. And let me reiterate the value of the non-variable which you are changing so fluctuously. I have been kicked. And I already told you I accept it. Ofcourse I do not like it, but if that's the rule then that's the rule. I do not have problems with it. I can totally relate about the fast finishing of the game, because I've been one of the guys who reaches that point as one of the first (or first) most of the time. Again, I already told you I accept my wrong-doing. That's not what this is about. Like I said: I have been punished and I accept it. If you think this is rage, you're really missing out on some basic understanding. Get a vacation (I prefer the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter). I show you an instance of a raging admin. He rages and neglects the rules by wanting to ban me permanently (not by setting, but by word). Temp ban is one of the rules, too. But permant ban (by word or by setting) is not one of the rules. Again: This is not the rule, Judge Dredd. I've really simplified it this time. So, I ask you again? Who is raging here? when you are trying to argue think about other people, not you. If this was about me, I'd keep silent and come back later. This is about you and it's not only for me, but also for the others who play there. I knew there was a risk that you would rage: - Flaming me (telling me I'm raging) although the vid shows how much your vip member is raging, while pretending to be an admin, while making up rules. (Jesus Christ, how selective can you be?) - Adding temp ban permissions to VIP members. Pretty mature there, joey. Not affecting me because I'm already "not being let off the hook", right? I wasn't even temp banned, why should I want to be off the hook? Even if I was, the ban would be lifted before I uploaded both vids + created that message. This "raging kid" approach of yours to real problems isn't working too well. I'm just disappointed how badly you're managing this. I know it's hard to manage forums, memberships, etc. But you're taking steps to run away from problems, act like a kid and rage instead of looking at feedback objectively (especially as you're the one leading all of this). Your players do not deserve the outcome of your chidlish acts. Be a man for once and accept your faults, kids.
  3. Update: Well, I'm keeping the vids private. Don't want to spend more time on this. Thanks anyway, chief!
  4. Addition: third: this is a server which has rules its not up to you to decide to follow them or not. Didn't do it on purpose there, joey. I even said: I forgot doing last "nice". I was thrown off by the intense lag. Some of us come to that server after having a hard day at work and feel tired so they can forget sometimes in a weird/special situation. So please don't act as if you're doing your job: You don't enforce rules. You're just protecting your buddy here. Be an honest guy and take care of the problems if you're not too lazy or too childish.
  5. Okay, so it's the same here. Zero focus / admittal of the proposed problem and even attacking because of it. Very mature for an admin I don't defend myself breaking the rules. I even said I accept the punishment of being kicked. If especially the admins don't respect the rules, such as you don't, then the rules are just aesthetics. Please don't remind me of them again if you're not going to follow them like the vip guy there. (Quote: Rule = Temp ban | VIP guy = Do not come back) <-- that's the thing I had problems with. You clearly haven't read the text above. If you did, you didn't understand. See my answer to third. If you choose to ignore the problems, you may. You're the admin. But let me tell you. I've been moderating milw0rm for example (largest hacker platform) and many other platforms. I've never seen admins as unrespectful as some here. I point it out without trying to harm anybody, but you on the other hand focus on something else. You have such a beautiful forum, why is it so empty? Will it ever fill up if you keep treating people this shitty? I don't think so. fifth: thank you for providing evidence of your misbehaving , i have downloaded the videos and will be considered if you do get banned. o.You don't have to download it. I'll keep it in my channel for you. Maybe I'll even make it public later. But just like GoDaddy.com says: There is no bad advertising. Yeah, well. Not falling for it. Thank you for your professionality, Mr. Trump. I guess I'll take my leave myself on this one. Good luck to the players who enter your server. Not recommending it as it is right now.
  6. Hi guys, Let me start off by saying this is not meant to hurt anyone. But there are problems which every person I know who plays on your server has problems with. I'll be including a link of an example video of the problem below. Please take these problems seriously. Value of server Let me start by saying that we as players (non-admins) don't have the luxury of a lot of choice for good sniping servers on Black Ops. The moment you ban people forever may mean there is absolutely no good Sniper FFA server in BO where that person can play. As you have something so valuable some admins should also realize that the level of decency and responsibility should be as high. Problems Some admins are nice or decent. But Jaeger is one example of a few admins where I and many have problems with. Maybe you guys don't acknowledge the problems, but just ask yourself how the moods in your server are. Look at how anti-social that lobby is most of the times when some admins are active. Respecting rules Theoretical rule: Follow rules. Practiced rule: No talking about it. You just get kicked/banned when admins get irritated. Do you have a good argument for something? Zero value. You just get kicked/banned. Do admins respect the rules? Some do. Some make their own rules. Like Jaeger does in the video. Temp banning people for last nice is the best invention ever. It's a great rule! But only if the other rules are important, too, is when I or any other person will respect that and any other rule. I've made a mistake of forgetting I'm @ 29 (because I was too focused on getting a kill with so much lag, check video.) I forgot doing last "nice" (quotation marks, because laggy trickshot is definitely not nice) and the chance to hit with these lags is almost non-existent (check video again). I was just kicked, so I'm relieved, but the rest is something I had to place here as one of the many examples. In the video Jaeger tells me that I should follow the rules, then he says I should listen to admins. I ask you as a guy to a guy Jaeger: when you as as a person/admin do not follow the rules. I have zero confidence in the rules you list to me. You already told me not to come back (which is conflicting with the !rules). After not following the temp ban/kick rule yourself you follow up with "listen to admins" is also a rule. Yeah, that's great and all, but before you act like Hitler/Stalin/Mao/[enter random diva name here] you should follow it yourself as you carry the responsibility of those rules as an admin yourself. You are not being honest. Check !rules: it says *you may get temp ban* or something alike When admins get irritated (especially on Black Ops because of the low count of choice) they should stay calm and not rage like a kid because he couldn't hit the epic laggy trickshot which he most, most, most likely wouldn't be able to hit anyhow because of the extreme lag. The childish act and the arrogance is uncalled for. If the admin feels like it, I or my friends will never be able to play together on an FFA sniper on BO. And we don't like S&D Sniping (that's the only other good choice). I would request to review your choice of admins or please support them in the actualization of the rules. And please check your admins once in a while, because sometimes they really go too far. I play CoD 4, CoD 2, CoD WaW, and other games where I enter servers, but this is the only server I have problems with. I have never gotten kicked or banned on any other server. Enter the domination server with the most players on CoD 4 for example and ask the admins how my communication with them is. I'm a pretty fair and respectful guy, both in reality and online. Conclusion: Jaeger is not the only one causing problems, this time was not the only time. The only thing I'm asking for is decency. That's all. And if he has banned me afterwards, please unban me. If not, well, then I'm banned so I won't be returning anyway. The Videos (2 parts) Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=348Yj1ECQFk&index=2&list=PLUnN-HSul50PPVazZX0AuhU2h4ltQL_vM Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0T07Gf9S_A&list=PLUnN-HSul50PPVazZX0AuhU2h4ltQL_vM&index=2
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