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  1. Hello HZRD members I am an active player on your server HZRD FFA and I will have to agree with Jaeger that the lack of admins is a problem. Ofcourse no one is perfect but Jaeger is a really good admin, he is one of the few guys that will not complain about someone "just" doing a 360 as last nice. He treats people fairly and I have never seen him abuse his rights. Not to mention that he also possess the quality of being a nice person. He helps making the server to the better. It's far from my decision about how to handle Jaeger's rights on your server, but in my opinion it would be a mistake. There are a lot of newbies on the Free For All who shows no signs of respect and whines at every possible opportunity, but I have seen Jaeger handle the "newbies" in a good way. Best of luck - Amlaith
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