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  1. Mecha ban dispute

    I am perma banned, not tempbanned
  2. Mecha ban dispute

    I have no idea why you won't accept me in steam. Maybe i tempbanned doty, even though i would never tb a member, probably he wasnt in hzrd yet, also i dont remember any rule telling that you should inform admin and dont tb by yourself.
  3. Mecha ban dispute

    What server were you banned from? : joey Why were you banned? : Behavior When were you banned? : about year ago What is your in-game name?: Mecha Hey joey, if you reading this i think i didnt deserve this ban particulary, you know why i am banned. This was a bit of a "hate ban", Looks like you always waited for a reason to ban me. I have to apologize for my behavior, couldn't do it earier, because you won't accept me in steam, so at least you can read it here.