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  1. What server were you banned from? : HZRD - hope,astra -he/she has had many namesevery time i try to rejoin. Why were you banned? : Having two accounts When were you banned? : A month or so What is your in-game name?: fadzi, may have been banned as sexyasme Hi, HZRD FFA is my favourite server. I'm not to sure of the rule about two accounts but what i did was change my name from fadzi to sexyasme, and then back again to fadzi. Please unban me, I won't change my name again. Thanx for reading and even more if you unban me!
  2. It has been thought that people who hard scope in a sniper only server generally have a lower k/d as they are not skilled enough to quickscope easily, so should they really be kicked or temp banned if they aren't gonna win anyway? They can be irritating at times, but not to an extreme. However the pro's themselves who always win presented with the option to hard scope probably won't as they would most likely be ridiculed by other players and even they do, it would most likely only slightly alter their k/d.
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