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  1. i tried to see my play time on the server (snd) but is always the same hour same min same second, i tried after 6 matches, is this normal? it need time to update? or my playtime is broken somehow?
  2. I think my playtime is frozen, i played more than 6 matches and is still same min and second and ofc hour, it doesn't work i think
  3. Ok, i played alot on swmt tho
  4. Anything else: as I wrote on the other topic, yea but is very old idk how to recover it, this is my main since 2016, my steam name is matteh2k16 and I can post proof of Big library so u know is my main account
  5. I have lot of games to proove this is my main account
  6. Anything else: it's really old I lost it idk where ti find, but this is my main since 2016, my steam name is indeed matteh2k16 xD Thanks for opportunity!
  7. I have 10 years of sniping experience including 2 yrs of sniping on console, i play only mw2, mw3 and bo1, i'm active daily on the servers mostly at evening GMT+1, i'm more used to modernwarfares sniping but i can be decent enough on bo1 too when I focus i can land some nice skillshots, but sometimes i'm stoned and mindflying and i'm negative asf xD Nice forum, nice team, I will apply for VIP, hope it will be welcome:)
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