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  1. Hi guys, Would it be feasible to add a feature like !topkills but to show an extended leaderboard for the top 25/50 players on the server? and something similar for points and kdr?
  2. I wouldn't exactly call it repeatedly, that makes it sound like I do it all the time, I have accidentally not done last nice, or sam turret has killed someone by mistake so I leave for a while, I still expect to have a temp ban though. The odd one is bound to happen with the amount of time I spend on the server, almost 250 hours in the past 2 months.
  3. Anything else: Reapplying as I had too many kicks etc before. I've been trying to take care with rules since last time I applied so hopefully there shouldn't be too many kicks and warns. Been spending a lot of time on the Hzrd servers, mostly on FFA but fair bit on SnD as well and now know quite a few Hzrd members.
  4. Mortiig

    VIP Request

    I'm usually about in one of the servers and in discord when not active in game. been putting a lot of hours in recently,
  5. Also, I think some of those c4 kicks will be from when the servers were empty and I ran out of ammo mainly on nuketown.
  6. Yes, I've had a lot of kicks, most are from when I very first started ere, but I believe the majority of them are from getting caught up in accidental car explosions. The temp ban from Aqua the other day was also mistakenly done, I was in the killcam for the final kill but I wasn't on 29 kills, the timer ran out when I got the last kill. Anyway, please take this into consideration, I do try uphold rules which should be aparrent in the chat logs if tey are available.
  7. Anything else: Been spending most of my free time on the Hzrd servers for the past couple of months now, getting to know the regulars. I'm not the best but have improved massively since I started coming here. Always been a clean player, No VAC bans and always a good sport, even when I get hammered.
  8. Good evening the console on both servers is spouting racial spam, could you fix it please thx
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