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  1. well you can change the numbers however you see fit, 1 death to skip last, but the saaaaaame thing happened today, a few players were on 29 for a couple minutes and some noob just ended it by killing the last nicers, you could even make it so if the the game is past a certain amount of time then whoever was first to 29 doesn't have to do last nice. It would just be nice for an escape or protection from people taking advantage of last nicers thx for your response
  2. today your friendly neighborhood 3rd rate toddler admin jaeger warned me for l2p when the game ended from the time limit, I had the least deaaths so it gave me the win, I said "ez" so that requires a warning? So the next map I said learn to admin and he kicks for disrespect. So you tell me if he is an admin I should respect or a bad one
  3. oh and I guess I should post this here then too Jaeger had kicked me earlier from this game because I said "bad admins dont deserve respect" which is tru it should be earned, but I didnt give any names and then he banned me for "dont play here then" soooooo ye
  4. lelelelelelelellelelelelelelelel Im not surprised I found this topic here, I can't post my full opinion about jag fag here but I'm going to say this, I am the head admin of the most popular unranked server in bo1, so I know what its like to enforce rules I also know what its like adding new staff, but whatever the person who promoted jaeger needs to be fucking hanged. This guy is the definition of a little crybaby fuck boi kid, yet some how sucked enough dick to get where he is, on a daily basis I see him arguing with someone. LOLOL this is great, me and jaeger go back a ways, me and elmo use to always spank his ass in the server but he would get butthurt if we landed on a trickshot (we both sucked at trickshotting then) But for him to say he doesn't take anything personally is a fucking joke. The moment I join he always instigates something with me, he always tries to start something again when I'm just their to play, and now he expects me to respect him because he got a little bit of power? myass This is funny coming from amlaith because he banned me and a friend from swmt's server because we trolled him using console and he thought we hacked into it xD It just shows how low sniper admins are, if this ever happened on my server something would be done about ti
  5. ello m8s Writing this quickly do to lack of confidence this topic goes anywhere and I have better things to do Some of u might know me some not, recently I have distanced myself from the sniping community do to the stupidity I see from certain clans and admins(lol looking around this website though I dont know if its going to be any difffernt) I play hzrd ffa about every other day for just a few rounds, and usually at some point I get to 29 kills usually as one of the first players to do so. And like everybody else I try to do last nice (I am not a trickshotter) not only because its the rule but because I think its cool to hit a nice trickshot instead of just ending the game like a fag. Now as a player I expect everyone else to do so also, with this being said it simply is not the case. Now whether or not its because their isn't an admin on, or whether or not they even care at all or maybe even they just fail a trickshot I'd say over 50% of the time the game does not end with the winner hitting what your definition of last nice is. And I'd say well over 80% of the time when I someone does not do last nice, they are not punished do to lack of admins being on. So what I see is a "rule" that is rarely followed and rarely enforced. And guess what when it is enforced how long are those "scary bans" 10 minutes? So you can see why players might lack respect for this last nice bs that everybody gets all up in arms about. Now honestly I dont really care if someone does last nice or not, but what I do care about is when Im at 29 and then you get half the server camping and blocking at last nice spots ie the windowns and balcony. So when players are taken advantage of me because they know I cant shoot back (which I'll be the first to admit I do usually get pissed and knife the 3rd of 4th blocker especially if Im first to 29) but by that time Im so sick of taking deaths I just leave the server so I dont care if I'm banned or not. Your system is broken, whether you need more admins or long ban times or even change the rule. I'm not 100% sure why you guys have the rule, I'd like to hear why you impliment it but what I'm saying is if someone doesn't want to do last nice they sure as hell can get away with it. Atleast I try to do last nice, but then usually some idiot who has been hardscoping all game catches up and ends it. If I had it my way I would have it so if a player had less then 10 death when at 29 kills he does not need to do last nice if he doesn't want to because they got a pretty good score, but if he has between 10-20 deaths he HAS to try to do last nice, once they have 20-25+ deaths they shouldn't be forced to do last nice again, This way players dont have good games where they go 29-6 ruined by getting killed by last nicers and finishing 29-22 with the game then not ending with a last nice. And like in most game if someone reaches 29 with 10-20 deaths they still have to atleast try last nice atleast until they reach 20 deaths. And dont ban people if they fail a trickshot because they atleast tried and thats more then most of the players do. and spare me that stupid !report cmd I'm sure that doesnt get anyone punished and it sucks that players have good games ruined trying to do last nice while people camp and then dont do last nice on their own, I think this also makes the quality of trickshot go down also, instead of trying a 1080 or whatever they get sick of being killed so they just do a shitty 360. But like I said the rule is not respected i dont care what you do with this I'm just giving my suggestion and honest thoughts
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